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Let Us Assume That We Have Tow Access Point AP1 And AP2 In The Same Area That Each Access Point Work At Different Channel And There Is Tow Mobil Station S1 And S2 So S1 Associated To AP1 And S2 Associated To AP2 . Now Can This Tow Station Transmit At the Same Time To It's Own Access Point Without Collision ?

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If it's a non-overlapping channel, there is no interference

by robo_dev In reply to Access To Wireless Lan

For example, with 802.11b there are channels 1-11, but only 3 channels that do not overlap (channels 1, 6, and 11)

Each 802.11b channel takes about 30mhz of radio spectrum.

So, if you had:

AP1 at channel 1 2.412 mhz
AP2 at channel 2 2.417 mhz

this would be bad, because those would interfere with each other, because channels 1 and 2 overlap.

But if you had:

AP1 at channel 1 2.412 mhz
AP2 at channel 6 2.437 mhz

this is optimal since these two frequencies do not overlap

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