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"access violation"...??!!!

By Draconis ·
Have nt4.0, iis4.0,proxy 2.0,dns,sp6-128bit encryption,mcafee anti virus-netshield 4.0.3a, iexplore is 5.5. At times while closing the browser window, after viewing either 'my computer' etc or internet, the error message that crops up is " access violation" and user.dmp file is being written by Dr. Watson utility. The desktop was refreshed by the system. Mcaffe & vol. control icon in taskbar vanished and all open browser windows were closed automatically. Event log mentions that 'shell stopped unexpectedly and explorer.exe was restarted'. This error was there when I had ie5.0. I have heard that ras services might have something to do with this in case of ie5.0. but even when I have my ras server up and working, this error resurfaced.
any help..???

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Fun Fun

by Oliwa In reply to "access violation"...??!! ...

You may need to reinstall the entire operating system. I think instances where access violations occur is when the OS has problems and needs to be reinstalled.

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by Draconis In reply to Fun Fun

That's terrible Fun Fun 'coz its my PDC that is at stake.

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A couple of questions...

by skkzarg_death In reply to "access violation"...??!! ...

Have you tried disabling various services (like the AV for starters) and then recreate? Since this is a PDC, testing will need to be done during non-business hours. Disable a service or process, boot and recreate. Keep a note of each step. You should find the culprit easily by using a step by step method. *Bets its Anti-Virus*

I hate to point out the obvious, but is there a reason your exploring the network or surfing while on the PDC console? (Admits, he is on his PDC now, but I don't have a choice, wont for another couple of weeks....)If you can, do that kind of thing on a client machine.

Also, is there any additional info u can give on the explore processes bombing? if so, please do so. It may help.

and whatever you do.. DONT REBUILD - at least until you have exhausted every other reasonable option.


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by Draconis In reply to A couple of questions...

Thanks skkz. You certainly gave me new hopes. I admit its silly to do all these things on your PDC. For the time being I am just trying to eliminate one cause after another. Like what you have mentioned, I had already uninstalled mcafee netshield and am using a new av. Till now the shell hasn't stopped unexpectedly.
The source in event viewer was winlogon and the user was S-15-22.. Will give u the entire message the next time it crops up(hope it doesn't..)
Thanks again.

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try creating new user

by dss37 In reply to "access violation"...??!! ...

its possibale that you have corrupted user profile, try creating new user with administrative rigths and log back in to the server and if everything is working then its is corrupted profile.

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