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    Accessing a Database from a Web Page


    by vig0711 ·

    I have been given the wonderful challenge of learning how to incorporate
    a database in a web site and to create an admin site for the database.
    I haven’t a clue where to begin.

    I use Frontpage 2000, but find that what I am trying to accomplish is too complex for this software. What is need is to be able to create a rather complex registration form tied into a database table, then to also create another form that will also tie into the same database table. As I have never done this before, I need a resource that can walk me through it step by step.

    Are there any good books out there that could aid me in creating this. Also I need to create an “admin” site where I can update or change the database information from a web page (as users will be updating this information, not me myself.)

    I am in school obtaining my BSIT degree, but need the courses right now
    and I won’t start them until next year. Any help out there would be much appreciated.

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      Accessing a Database from a Web Page

      by guy ·

      In reply to Accessing a Database from a Web Page

      Assuming that you have IIS 4.0 Get a copy of the Option Pack Disk (Technet or Microsoft Site). Use it to install MTS Microsoft Transaction Server. If you want a bigger database then you will need SQL server and the ODBC connection via the ControlPanel. There is a lot of work, good luck.

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      Accessing a Database from a Web Page

      by calves ·

      In reply to Accessing a Database from a Web Page

      I agree with answer number one. Also, I’ll add that if you want to get your feet wet, download free the Intranet Kit from Microsoft @
      That will give you an idea what lies ahed.

      Good Luck!

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      Accessing a Database from a Web Page

      by webmaster ·

      In reply to Accessing a Database from a Web Page

      I just started a job where i’ve been given a very similiar task. So, this is what i’ve done to this end:

      1. Made sure their server is IIS
      2. Installed PWS on my workstation (get it from the NT Option Pack, or Win98 CD Rom’s ADDIN directory… regardless if you’ve got Win95/98/NTWorkstation)
      3. Bought a copy of Teach Yourself Active Server Pages in 24h’s by Wille and Koller
      4. Bought a copy of VBScript Reference Manual by multi-authors
      5. Subscribed to many ASP-related message boards and read tons of messages just to get familiar with the culture/terms, etc.
      6. Learned to rely upon not just my books but also the ton of online tutorials available to see several different methods of getting the same result
      7. an HTML editor (e.g., Holy Notepad)

      Good luck!

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