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Accessing a domain name on the web

By getclyde ·
I have a client that has a Win2000 domain server: "". He also has a separate web domain by the same name: "" Any internal client PC cannot access the external website. What change has to be made on the server to accomplish this? There is a Linksys router and cable modem on the LAN providing internet service. The server IP is the first DNS entry in each PC.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Accessing a domain name o ...

Your internal and external name spaces are the same on that Windows 2000 domain. You said it was a domain, but is it actually the root of the AD forest domain's DNS name?

In any event, you will need to redo this AD domain and if it is the root domain for the forest, you will need to redo the DNS for the entire forest.

Ideally, the internal DNS names space shoudl not be published to the world. By using on the AD, you will prevent confusion on which DNS namespace is internal or external.

For your client (and other interested parties) this is one of the better explanations of how DNS works:

Best of luck telling your client this bad news...

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by haileyan In reply to Accessing a domain name o ...

The problem is that your internal DNS server thinks it is responsible for anything with in the URL. If you have not made any entry internally in DNS for your clients will never find it as yoru internal DNS will not forward a DNS request containing *

Make a host entry on your DNS server that points the host to the public IP address of your web page.

If you host your public web page yourself just make a DNS entry for to the internal IP address of the web server.

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