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    Accessing a Multisession DVD

    by 97browng ·

    Hi All,

    Hoping someone can help with this as I am having no luck at all. A relative has handed me a DVD which contains his only copy of a selection of photos and he can’t access them.

    After looking I can see that he created a multisession Disc (I know a throwback to 15 years ago) and something went wrong. No matter what I try I cannot access the photos on any of my devices (I have a laptop, and two PCS with W10 and W7 on them).

    I managed to close the disc using Nero and in it I can see the sessions and is showing them as Data Tracks in a UDF session. In IsoBuster I can see all the sessions and pictures but paying £30 to recover them is a bit much (as it’s UDF I have to pay).

    The strange thing is that if I place the disc in my BluRay player it can see the pictures fine but I have no way of copying them over. I don’t have a DVD player anymore (hence using bluray) but the disc is definitely a DVD.

    As my BluRay player can see all the pictures I am assuming there must be a way I can get the files off on a PC without having to pay an excessive amount.

    Any help appreciated

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      Re: recovery

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Accessing a Multisession DVD

      Ask your friend if his pictures are worth him £30. If yes, go ahead.

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        Re: recovery

        by 97browng ·

        In reply to Re: recovery

        Thank you very much for that informative response. I have however managed to resolve the problem without spending £30.

        If any others have the problem and the suggestion by Kees_B is not suitable for you (and you want to save some money) I suggest downloading a piece of freeware called Greenfish Dataminer.

        It has not been updated for years but I was able to download and it worked a treat. I tried several other ‘Data Recovery’ software and they would not work instead either not seeing the disc or saying it had no data. Dataminer worked perfectly and after scanning it (took about 30 minutes) managed to recover over 600 files.

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      I haven’t used ISOBUSTER in years.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Accessing a Multisession DVD

      So thanks for the update about dataminer. Glad it worked BUT….


      Fortunately it was copies I could experiment on to ask WHAT HAPPENS? if I close a multi-session disc made by one app but closing it with another app.

      I ended up with CD/DVDs that ISOBUSTER and the other tools I had at the time failing to recover data.

      So thanks for the mention of another tool but take this as a warning that I would not close the session but head straight to recovery apps.

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