Accessing an MS Access database through a web browser.

By jvnane ·
Ay my new job I have been assigned the task of trying to change this Ms Access database we use into a web based version. This only needs to be accessed over our local intranet network. We don't have any SQL programs, so I won't be able to use that. I don't really know that much about Access database files, so I need to know where to start in figuring this out. Is it even possible to somehow make this local database accessible through an internet browser? Any help and/or information about this stuff would be great.

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Have I got a cool program for you

by robo_dev In reply to Accessing an MS Access da ...


It's a code generator that lets you web-enable any database in about ten minutes.

There are also .net, php, and java versions of the same app. I have used it to web enable both MS-SQL and MS-Access databases. Best $130 I ever spent....

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Access through a web browser using Flash: this is likely what you need

by lkosewsk In reply to Accessing an MS Access da ...

Hey there,

So if you want to build a program in Access (no extra SQL, no ASP, no other technologies) and put it on the web, EQL Data has you covered.

Disclaimer: I co-founded the company, but I co-founded it with the idea of putting Access on the web verbatim, so I'll plug it here :)

Feel free to check out our website; If you want to whip up a test database with a UI form, you can then download and install our plugin (free 30 day trial) from Quickstart instructions are included, and within 5 minutes, what you'll have is an Access database sitting in a Flash window.

Bonus points: you can synchronize data between your application and the Flash web version anytime, so you can change whatever you like, upload, and download information that your web users put up.

Please give it a go; the product is still pretty new and the feedback we've been getting has been great!



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