Accessing Company Domain Mail WITHOUT Outlook Web Access

By Eric.IncenDiary ·
Hi ,

I removed a customer from his company domain with his consent since he was leaving the company, but he omitted to tell me he still wanted to receive his company mails until the end of the month when he officially left. [He tells me this AFTER I have removed him ]
I cannot get him added back to the domain since the company is situated in Joburg [halfway across the country]. He has a whole lot of personal folders on his HDD which he can view, but to get at his inbox he has to log onto OWA on the company server.

Is there no way to download the mail required from OWA onto his HDD before he leaves the company at the end of the month without travelling all the way to Joburg?

PS: I know I'm a dumbass ...

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by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Accessing Company Domain ...

I'm not sure, but it seems what you did is remove his COMPUTER from his company's domain, not the user since he would still need a user account to access OWA. You would need Local admin privileges and permissions in the company's domain to re-add the computer. If this is not an option you can try this work-around. Create a rule in OWA to forward all his company e-mail to a different e-mail account he can still access from outlook. Make sure you apply the rule to all items already in his inbox. It's not a perfect rule, but it might work.

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Kjell's suggestion is about the only way

by CG IT In reply to Hmmm

unless he has an account on the domain that allows remote access he's not going to get his mail unless as kjell suggests, you forward it.

OWA doesn't require a computer account only a domain user account and that account has OWA/remote access rights.

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Problem is Solved now , Thank You!

by Eric.IncenDiary In reply to Kjell's suggestion is abo ...

Hi ,

I had to use another account setup on his MS Outlook , and then use the auto-forwarding suggestion to get his new mail forwarded to the new inbox.
Luckily, I could get the IT admin from the company send the PST file down to import the current mails from his company server so that he wont have to forward 1000 mails himself ...

At least this isnt a total disaster - he says this would have had to happen anyway since he retiring from the company from end of December. Lucky Me !

Thanks for the suggestion!

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