accessing domain share from non domain computer

By ooliya ·
i have a shared folder on sbs 2000 server that i want to access from a non domain computer that is on the same physical network.if i map a drive to that share using a domain account i get access to the share but it also opens up the access to all the shares on 2000 server and the non domain user can see and access those shares by browsing the network.i want him to have access to that one particular share only and nothing else on the server. any ideas?

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check permissions

by cavesinger In reply to accessing domain share fr ...

I don't have experience with sbs 2000, but with W2K Server. This sounds like a security permissions issue. You might try removing Read, Read & Execute, and List Folder Contents permissions for this domain account (or Group) on the shares you wish to deny. If you want to make the shares not visible to this user, then the sharing permissions can be changed to remove the Everyone - Full Control and leave only the Group(s) desired with FC. Hope this helps.

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Should be straight forward

by IC-IT In reply to accessing domain share fr ...

Create a user name and password for him and then add him to that one share only.

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