Accessing files a network fileserver from the intranet webserver

By Sherrischulz ·
We recently setup a intranet web server. How do we get links from the webserver to the network file server to work (see each other). Development is being done on the file server and copied over to the webserver nightly. When it is copied over, the links that go to the file server change to the webserver path and so therefore are broken. I know this can be done, but do not know how to do it. Thanks

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What O/S, what version? Need more info please.

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Accessing files a network ...

Your question lacks specific details about your system.

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Some possibilities

by bschaettle In reply to Accessing files a network ...

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[1] Use relative addressing:

<a href="subfoldername/document.htm">Click
[2] If you're using Active Server Pages, you can use the syntax below, and it should be completely portable. Take the line breaks out, of course.

<a href="http://
<%=Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME")%>/folder/folder/CoNews.asp">Company News</a>

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If it was me .......

by CG IT In reply to Accessing files a network ...

administering the corporate network, I wouldn't have a web server on that corporate network. it would off somewhere away from it on a different subnet.

now that doesn't mean people can't upload to install new content, but it does mean that if that web server was ever compromised, no one could gain access to the corporate network from the web server.

So, that means that any urls or hyperlinks, you use to reference files on a file server on the company network will not work as no one can get from the web server to the company network via following the file link. All content has to be stored on the web server.

That's me of course.

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by bschaettle In reply to Accessing files a network ...

I think I misunderstood your problem.

You can point back to the file server by building hyperlinks using the file: protocol as opposed to the http: protocol. You will need to use full UNC pathnames, no drive letters, unless you can be absolutley sure that every user of the intranet has that drive letter mapped identically.

Here's an example. Let's say you want to hyperlink to this file:


The anchor tag would look like this (you'll need to remove the spaces I've embedded to keep this forum from messing up my post)

< a href = " file:// \\servername\policies\emp\hiring.doc " >
Hiring Policy < / a >

When this is copied over to the intranet server, the hyperlink will still point back to the network file server.

As another poster noted, you need to be extremely sure that this intranet server cannot be accessed from outside your firewall.

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