Accessing FTP through Firefox

By srikant8 ·

I am using filezilla client program to connect my ftp at home and outside, connecting is no problem but every time I need to download to desktop to watch or to get something , particularly want to watch some personal video?s its really pain.

Tried VLC streaming no idea how it works for so many people but, for me no luck.

I then decided to use firefox browser so that I can stream the videos onto browser, I can stream only mp4 video?s but in very small screen cannot go for full screen and no options at all for full screen. It says playing in QuickTime but when I right click it no options shows for full screen.

Can anyone help me to guide about it or streaming directly movies through ftp at home or outside through VLC or any other method


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Your terminology is a bit confused ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Accessing FTP through Fir ...

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is ONLY for the transfer of files directly from point to point.

I'm assuming you were meaning HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) which is standard among internet browsers.

Within FireFox, click on Tools, Add-Ons, Get Add-Ons - then, in the search box type FlashGot. Install it to FireFox and allow it to restart when it has finished installing.

Now, every time you hit an internet page that has any video on it, a little icon will appear on the bottom of your FireFox window and you can click on it to directly download the FLV (Flash Video) of your choice.

I suggest you download and install GOM Player:

This will play your downloaded FLV files and allows you to run them in fullscreen. However don't be surprised if you are disappointed by the quality of the videos in fullscreen - they have been processed to show in a small window for speed of upload and in the process, they tend to lose a lot of detail. :)

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Accessing FTP through Firefox

by srikant8 In reply to Your terminology is a bit ...

Thanks for replying me.

well my qestion was, how can i stream video's from NAS at home through firefox browser in full screen by defualt it plays in small screen.

You told me to download flashgot add on but this let me to download the movie, cannot watch online.

I found the solution with VLC player, just wanted to share.

I reinstall the VLC player with plugin firefox and restared firefox browser, went to ftp link and access my videos in the full screen as becuase of defualt player is vlc.

GOM player did not helped me at all.


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Even more confused now ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Accessing FTP through Fir ...

Your original post never mentioned anything about a NAS.

Also why on earth would you want to achieve streaming from a local NAS using an internet browser?

Why folk insist on watching something online again and again eating up their bandwidth allocation, when they can easily download it then watch it locally, is beyond me.

Sorry, but you really don't make much sense. I'm happy that you have figured out whatever you meant, because I'm still confused.

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by seanferd In reply to Even more confused now .. ...

Of course, one would not need to use a browser for this at all. One copy of VLC set up as a server, the rest as clients. Then again, why not just access the file and play it, rather than stream it?

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