Accessing local AND network files?

By lfruchter ·
Dear Sages,

Anyone following my fumbling travails must be relieved to see I'm at last applying my ignorance to network problems rather than stand alone machine problems. This is progress, I guess. Anyway...

I've set up my Win2003 server in my school and I'm joining my various laptops to its domain, but I've hit a little problem. The teachers here have spent years using their laptops without a server and taking the machines home to do work in the evenings. Result: their local machine accounts are full of files to which they'd like access. Is it possible to set up a domain workstation so that a particular network user has access to the local files of a particular local user? I'm trying to give the teachers access to their local files and their new network folders on the same log in. So far it's not working. I tried the following hacks:

1) Naming the local and network accounts identically: no dice. The domain name is appended to the network user and access to the local files is denied.

2) Moving local files to the local shared documents folder: no dice. The machine will allow the files in this folder to be viewed by the network user but will not allow them to be copied to the network folders or even opened in edit mode.

Have I missed something simple? Is the only solution really to transfer local files to a flash drive and then log in again and pass the files from the flash drive to their network folder?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Happy New Year all,
Lev in Brooklyn

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Domain account member of Local Administrator Group

by NormH3 In reply to Accessing local AND netwo ...

If you add their domain user account to the local admins group, they should be able to access the files in their local accounts.

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by Kenone In reply to Accessing local AND netwo ...

Right click the local file (I assume it's MyDocuments or something similar) Click Properties - Security and add the domain user account, if it's not there, and give the user whatever rights they need. You could also Share that folder but that's a whole other can of worms.

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Distiction between logging in locally and into a domain

by wrleeii In reply to Accessing local AND netwo ...

As I understand your question, you mean they have files local to their computer that they cannot find once they log back into your domain?

If this is the case, then you should be sure that they log into the domain, even when they "offline". Since it isn't necessary to be connected to the domain in order to log in (so long as they've logged in at least once while they are connected to the domain server). So, that should alleviate the confusion between online and offline.

The next step is to copy all the settings from their offline account to their online account. I believe this is in the User Profiles area (sorry, I'm not at a Windows box at the moment... let me know if you need me to look it up).

I hope this helps.

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by lfruchter In reply to Accessing local AND netwo ...

Thanks everyone for your kind and swift replies. These all make sense to me and I feel kind of silly for not figuring them out on my own. Thanks for saving me a ton of time! This site is so much more helpful to me than all the tech resources of the entire NYC Dept. of Education.

Lev in Brooklyn

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