Accessing multiple windows 2003 terminal servers simultaneously

By jusvindersoin ·
Suppose there are 3 windows 2003 terminal servers
running with in a same network. Server1 runs Application a, Server2 runs Application b and Server3 runs Application c. How is it possible for a user to access all the 3 applications simultaneously by logging into any one of these severs remotely? Does it require the server to be in Domain Controller mode?

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Load all apps on all 3 servers

by bart777 In reply to Accessing multiple window ...

If the application is on all 3 servers you can have a user access them all at the same time. This is how terminal server farms are supposed to work.

You could then incorporate a load balancer to even out the load on each server.

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Re : load all apps on all 3 servers

by jusvindersoin In reply to Load all apps on all 3 se ...


What do you mean by farm (cluster server or server using load balancing)?

Is there any other way in which we can install the application only on any one of the Win2003 terminal server in the farm and can access it from a remote desktop by logging on to any of the server in the farm other than the one on which the application is installed.


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by bart777 In reply to Re : load all apps on all ...

If the application is only on 1 server then the other servers will not be able to deliver the application to the user. The only way you could do this is if the application has no client software that needs to be installed on the server.

As for the FARM reference, I was meaning a load balanced set of servers. Usually this requires a 3rd party application but you can use Microsoft's Session Directory Service to at least tie them together. It won't load balance but would give you a single point to log into and give the users a single interface to talk to.

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It was a great help

by jusvindersoin In reply to Hmm

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