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accessing my lan

By eddie_lewis_003 ·
I have a D-link 524 wireless router, which I use with my laptop , wirelessly. The d-link is plugged into a netgear fvs318 prosafe vpn firewall/router. I can access the internet with no problem through both of these, but I am having trouble accessing the rest of the computers on the LAN, all of which are only plugged into the fvs318. Any help would be appreciated.

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by CG IT In reply to accessing my lan

which LAN are the rest of the computers on? you've got 2 subnets there from your network description.

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by eddie_lewis_003 In reply to accessing my lan

There are 5 other computers plugged into the netgearfvs318 that all share files/printers. My dlink 524 wireless router is also plugged into the netgear. On the netgear config. menu it lists the dlink as a client, but i can't access the other pc's- only the internet.

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by robo_dev In reply to accessing my lan

The best answer is to buy an Access Point.

With what you have you could plug the Netgear into one of the Ethernet ports on the Dlink (not the WAN or uplink port) and turn off DHCP in the dlink. This would allow the dlink to work basically as an access point. You would first need to assign a static address to the lan-side of the dlink that is in the same range as the local network defined on you netgear..that way you can make the settings changes without having to readressing the workstation every time. Make sure that the static address that you define is outside the range of DHCP addresses assigned in the netgear.

With the above configuration, your laptop should get it's DHCP/DNS information from the Netgear and will be on the same network subnet.

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by spadedmatrix In reply to accessing my lan

I would suggest plugging the other 5 machines into the D-link if you have enough ethernet ports. If that's not an option set a static IP on the Dlink that matches the IP granted by the Netgear. Disable the Dlink's firewall feature, as this will only add to the confusion. Make certain that every computer has "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" enabled in it's network connection properties.
If this comes to no avail try running the Dlink first (in from modem) then using the Netgear off of one of the ethernet ports making certain to port forward the Netgear so that you can access the other computers on the network without the firewall denying you access.
Good luck.

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by eddie_lewis_003 In reply to accessing my lan

Thanks for the help, all. The easiest solution, by far (for me)was to get an access point, instead of using the 'router'. It was hooked up, online, and networked in five minutes. Thank-you.

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