Accessing Server 2003 Remotely

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Please forgive my ignorance here folks. Please!

Here we go...

I Dell Server Machine with Server 2003 installed and would like to know, how do i access the server desktop from one of my client computers? I cant seem to understand the difference between VPN, Remote Desktop, Remote Access, Terminal Services.....and all this other stuff the Microsoft Help center is providing.
I just want to be able to see my server desktop from anyone of my client computer because i use its monitor for something else. My client machines consist of a Dell Inspirion(XP), Dell Vastro(Vista), 2 Mac Book Pros, Mac Mini, and a PowerBook.

Thanks in advance

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Remote Desktop

by acircle In reply to Accessing Server 2003 Rem ...

XP should have Remote Desktop Connection on the start menu <start> <all programs> <accessories> <communications> "Remote Desktop Connection"....

If not you can download the RDP client from microsoft.

First, you'll need to configure Win 2003 server to have Terminal Services role.

Try this link it may be helpful:

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VNC probably less technical

by acircle In reply to Accessing Server 2003 Rem ...

VNC programs like WinVNC or even better UltraVNC are extremely useful tools and are free to anyone. If you don't need more than one logon to the server at a time I would recommend UltraVNC; Encryption is optional if that is important to you in your situation.

UltraVNC is simple to install and start using within a LAN.

Just install the UltraVNC server on win 2003 and configure to run as a service during few installation steps.

Then, install the UltraVNC viewer on any of the machines you choose to connect from. This allows you to connect like a KVM (keyboard,video,mouse) switch links multiple machine to one set of monitor, etc..

If server firewalled may need to open ports..

Both server and client are in same install package so pay attention or you will have both on all machines, which may not be a bad idea if they are not in same room.

Here is the link for download:

download and use stable one. Is user friendly and can't hurt anything playing with all the options. If it goes bad, then uninstall and reinstall.

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Terminal services

by mail2mail In reply to Accessing Server 2003 Rem ...

The Remote Access, Terminal services, Remote desktop all these terminology is one and the same. All you have to do is activate the terminal services depending on the number of licenses you have purchased. Once you configure terminal services you use remote desktop from any microsoft client to access your Server. All Microsoft operating system you can load remote desktop. VPN client is used for secure connection so that who all know your server IP address and passwords can not access.

If you have any questions of how to install and where to start and what needs to be done. I can help you on it. You can search in Google about installing terminal services in Windows 2003 server or you can even call Microsoft and they will help you free of cost.

Looking forward to hear input from you.

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