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accessing the BIOS

By tgower20375 ·
My BIOS is password protected but it has been so long ago that I forgot the password. Either how do I find it or reset it so I can access the BIOS

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by TheChas In reply to accessing the BIOS


If this is a desktop system, you can usually perform a CMOS reset procedure.

Typically, you shut the PC down,
move a jumper on the motherboard,
power up the PC,
power down,
move the jumper back.

CAUTION: Clearing the CMOS clears ALL BIOS settings.
You will need to set all BIOS settings back to the desired / correct setting for your system.

If this is a laptop, you may need to take it to a service center.
There are "hacks" posted for some laptops.
For others, there is no option but factory service.


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by willcomp In reply to accessing the BIOS

Addendum to theChas's response.

Some desktops have a password reset jumper in addition to a BIOS reset jumper. If yours is one, you're in luck. This jumper only clears passwords. Check mobo documentation for your system.

If desktop and no reset jumpers, remove battery and leave uninstalled for several hours or days (however long it takes). BIOS will eventually clear.

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by SysEngineer In reply to accessing the BIOS

There are two things you can try.

You can remove the CMOS battery. It shouldnt take more than a few hours.

You can also reset the CMOS jumpers on the mobo. If you are unsure how to do this check your mobo's manufacturers web site for the correct jumper settings.

Good Luck.

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by bwells47 In reply to accessing the BIOS

Well. I was going to give the same advice you already received from some people that obviously know what they are talking about. Just make sure it is not one of the older mobo that have the "real time clock" & battery combinations. If that turns out to be the case, you have to short out the 12 and 24 pins of the chip on the mobo.
Hope it goes well. Bev

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