Accessing Vista admin password without a keyboard

By decksquirrel ·
Got an Acer Aspire 5315 with coffee'd keyboard. Bought a new keyboard on ebay and installed but most chars missing. Ordered that keyboard and writing this on an ancient PC. Have tried a USB dongle mouse and keyboard in the laptop, but it needs drivers. Used a mem stick to upload these to guest account so could copy and paste into Vista admin password entry, but it won't accept CTRL-C/V. Anyone got any ideas? There must be some solution to this techy challenge...

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Use a USB keyboard...

attach USB keyboard to USB port on laptop. At POST, the computer should detect
its presence and probably offer to enter BIOS setup.

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usb keyboard for sure

by dude714 In reply to Accessing Vista admin pas ...

wow, you didn't try that first? been the first thing i would have done.

and copy/paste won't work on passwords, either to load admin status on a version of windows or on web pages. just not a good idea to be able to do that.

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by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to usb keyboard for sure

Not too fast with the copy/paste not working! While yes, it will not work
to login to your user account at boot, there are several web pages that
it will work on...I've been using ZDNet's Password Pro since my Windows
3.1 days to store passwords in, then using copy/paste to insert my
passwords at a variety of web sites. Using the password generating
capability of Password Pro you can create rather strong passwords
that might be difficult to remember, so copy/paste works pretty well.

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