Accidentally re-set SBS 2003 server ip address--help!

By jivenwail ·
hi all

desperately need some help here.

i handle basic IT support at the school i work for. earlier this evening i was using RDC from a workstation while installing a program on that same workstation (i was trying to check user permissions on the server).

the program i had installed wasn't accessing the network drive it needed on the server, so i thought i'd check the IP address it--the workstation--was using.

i opened up TCP/IP properties, saw the ip address was set to a static IP, and changed it to automatic as on teh other workstations.

well, as soon as i had done that, i realized i had changed the SERVER settings, not the workstation settings! oops...

i tried taking a guess at the IP addresses i had just changed but no luck--the whole network is done now! not a big deal at night but come tomorrow there will be people needing to get online and onto the server.

my question is: how can i find the previous IP address that the server was using? do i call the DSL provider? is the info located in the router's webpage? (i'm able to access that, and could view/change settings if needed).

what i changed were the first three fields in the top half of the IP address/DNS/gateway, etc box.


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ah an Oppps Damnit

by CG IT In reply to Accidentally re-set SBS 2 ...

well you could check DHCP and see what pool it uses, then make a guess that whoever setup the network used the first or second address in that range as the server address.

you could also check DHCP options for DNS servers. The SBS box is DNS so whatever address the DNS option is in DHCP would be the sbs box address.

subnet mask,, well you'll just have to guess.

the default gateway .... well you should be able to answer that yourself.

last but not least, on one of the workstations, run ipconfig/all

that should give you the gateway address, DNS server address and subnet mask being used on the network. Note: the DNS server listed should be a private address

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by jivenwail In reply to ah an Oppps Damnit
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This should do it as well/\..

by jreid In reply to thanks!

If you know the name of the sbsbox you can go to a command prompt.

This command will give you the ip-address for the server buy resolving the name agents you DNS server. Then terminal in to it and you are off.

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