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    I turned on my computer a couple weeks ago and found that everything on it was gone. A window pops up before everything loads and says that it can’t start the computer with my settings. I have no idea whats going on but only a week before that happened windows media player was miraculously uninstalled. if someone could explain what happened and how to fix it, I’m pretty computer illiterate but if I’m told how to do something I have no problem.

    Thank you.

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      OK several possible things here

      by hal 9000 ·

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      [i]You have someone creeping in and removing applications and accounts.[/i]

      Cure Lock the computer down so that others can not use it or if you must have others use it create an new Account from Accounts in the Control Panel and make it a limited Account where the users can not install or modify any software. Add a Password to your Account which is at least 25 characters long and an Alpha Numeric String.

      [i]You have some kind of infection which is causing the OS to fail.[/i]

      Install an Anti Virus Program that [b]Is Not[/b] Windows Defender and after it is updated scan the system for infections. If you don’t have a valid AV Program you can get one from here

      [i]You have some form of other infection.[/i]

      You need to download Ad Aware SE from here

      Spy Bot S&D

      Crap Cleaner

      Download, Install, Update and reboot as required. Then when properly installed Boot into [b]Safe Mode[/b] and scan the system for infections. [b]NB[/b] Spy Bot S&S is capable of picking up some [b]False Positives[/b] like Windows Defender, some Internet Banking Programs as well as some free downloaded software. If you want to continue using these bits of software you will need to untick the boxes [b]Before Performing the Clean.[/b]

      [i]Your system is so badly infected that it’s been taken over and is now a Zombie that is being used by someone unknown to do as they like.[/i]

      This is a result of very poor to nonexistent Security and the only real cure is to Wipe the HDD with a wiping utility that will write zero’s to every sector and render any data invisible and unreadable. You can try Boot & Nuke if you don’t already have a DoD Approved Wiping Utility

      Once the HDD has been wiped you can then set about performing a clean install of all your software and add both an AV and Spy Ware Programs and use them regularly and also before you even log onto M$ Live Update Web Site.

      [i]You have Vista Installed[/b]

      You can stay put with Vista happy in the knowledge that you are a paying Beta Tester for M$ but on every occasion when something changes without warning you have to Ring M$ to tell them of the problem and you get to pay M$ to do this so that they can correct the coding problems that they have created by their sloppy coding practises.

      Or wipe the HDD with a wiping utility and load a real working OS which has a proven track record and wait till all the bugs are worked out of Vista with others paying to report problems to M$.


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