Account is Locked Out

By ice747 ·
My company uses login script to map shared drives for all staff. Recently there are about 3 users who cannot access their shared drive. An error msg popped up saying "Your account has been locked out. Pls contact your Administrator". I've checked in AD that their account is not locked out at all. It's definitely not a PC issue has it is the same wherever they logged into. Also their login script failed to run. It seems like the 3 of them had ran some macros in Excel before hand and then the shared drive stopped working. Does anybody know what's going on? Any help is appreciated.

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Double Post Deleted.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Account is Locked Out
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It sounds like an Account Problem

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Account is Locked Out

Something that these people have used has corrupted their accounts if that are unable to log on through different computers.

As scripts are not running I would try creating a new User Account on the Server first and see if that cures the problem of allowing one access to the Share. If it does you can then proceed to transfer all their data across to the new account and do the same thing with the others affected.

I don't think that you'll find the problem at the client end as they have tried different workstations so I would be looking at the Server end for the problem.

Or you could try removing any recent work from their accounts on the share and see if that cures the problem. I don't think it will but if there is a Macro involved that is breaking the system removing the affected files may cure the problem.


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It may be the Macro...

by ice747 In reply to It sounds like an Account ...

We have already created a new user account and it was working fine for a couple of days, then the problem came back. I guess the user ran the macro again as it is part of his work.

I've also realised one more thing about the shared drive. That is when I tried to bring up shared drive on one of our sub-domains, a window popped up asking to choose a program to open the shared drive with. This has never happen before until the Account Locked Out issue occurred. Any ideas on whether this is related?

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OK so you can make a new account transfer the files in

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to It may be the Macro...

And have it work till this Macro is run again.

If that's the case I would say that someone is going to have to write a new Macro that doesn't kill the Network every time that it's run. Something must be wrong with the way that this Macro is written to be doing this. The real problem is that End Users once had to be able to write Macro's as part of their Job but now that is delegated to Programmers who may introduce too much overkill in writing a Macro which appears to be the problem here. Try to Follow the KISS Principal that is Keep It Simple Stupid and rewrite the macro to do the same job but without killing off the Network Connection at the server.

If the problem Macro is already as simple as possible you'll have to introduce some more complexity into it to attempt to prevent this from happening. If it's an Old Macro one of the recently released Patches may have stopped it working correctly and you'll need to look at what has been applied to the Server here in the way of Patches or if it's a new Macro you'll have to look at the way that it's interacting with the Software and rewrite it to prevent this from happening.


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