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Account keeps getting locked out

By the jedi ·
I am running a network with 2003 server/active directory. I have 1 user account that every morning & about 4 times during the day becomes locked out, even when the user has been logged in for hours. I have 200 other users that have no problems. I have changed her password several times but this has no effect.
Has anyone got any ideas?

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by NZ_Justice In reply to Account keeps getting loc ...

Some one at your work area hates her. so they keep locking her out by typing in here user name then getting the password wrong till her account is locked out. Or they could just be harrasing her becasue they are dicks.

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by adamcort In reply to Account keeps getting loc ...

Check that there is not a rogue service on her PC that is trying to start with her credentials?

I have had that lock out an account before.

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by AZBILL In reply to Account keeps getting loc ...

It could be caused by other domain controllers not replicating her creds throughout the network. After changing the passowrd allow to 10 to 15 mins for the change to replicate.

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by vak042 In reply to Account keeps getting loc ...


You can use group policy of domain increase the times of fail login, Default is 5 times. U should increase to 100 times or more. So no one can make her account locked.:)

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by entawanabi In reply to Account keeps getting loc ...

Alike User Names and Passwords; What is the traffic when SHE gets "LOCKED" out? Ask her or find out how much of your stuff is being used to support her stuff?

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by vaneckha In reply to Account keeps getting loc ...


We use Novell eDirectory and ConsoleOne to administer our network. We have an option of intruder lockout and it gives you the time it was locked and the IP address it was locked from. You can just go to security and have a look and see who was sitting at that machine. Hope Active Directory have the same function/feature.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Account keeps getting loc ...

I would look in the Security section of the event log on the 2003 AD server for more clues. also search for 'account lockout' for more clues. we need more info. what os, version and sp level?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

did you see this?
Using the Checked Netlogon.dll to Track Account Lockouts

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Sgt_Shultz is the MAN!

by 3pdegeiso In reply to

This article applies to Windows NT 4.0 Server troubleshooting. But the link at the bottom of the article: takes you to another article for enabling debug logging for the Netlogon service. It was extremely easy to modify the debug flag parameter with the NLTEST command line in the article. I am using Windows 2003 Servers as domain controllers and the netlogon.log debug file immediately showed me which workstation or server was responsible for repeated logon attempts.

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by nvious2 In reply to Account keeps getting loc ...

We had the same problem.We deleted the users profile and had him create a new one. This seems to have fixed the issue.

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