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Account lockouts not shows to users

By Shadoglare ·
Hi all -
We have mostly Win2K Pro desktops connecting to an NT 4 domain -
We're having a continual problem in that when a user locks out their domain account, they aren't shown any indication that this has happened - the workstation lets them log on as though nothing is wrong, not sending them any messages about "your account has been locked out" or anything like that.
They users are of course not allowed access to any network resouces, which the users then see as a network or connectivity problem because they were allowed to log on just fine.
Is there anything we can tweak to tell Win2k that if a user is locked out, don't let them log on for heaven's sake??

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Account lockouts not shows to users

by grondin_e In reply to Account lockouts not show ...

first make sure that the users are using cont alt del. to log out. that should bring up a screen in Win2k pro that gives the option to lock out. You can mess with the regestry to customize the window... and also change how many charectors it takes for a log on name and all that.. i suggest that you buy the book, anything that helps out with windows 2k. that and you need to have win2k server. for one your workstations are more powerful than your server. Make a workstation a workgroup domain controller. Easy. Have the Network admin set it up. but if you want to change it go to the regestry and then to Local_key machine, then to windows, current os, and there it is.. all the log on stuff. But get rid of the 4.0 server because if someone knowshow to use win2k pro they will rip through it like butter, any and all firewalls are not respected and neither is the security.. a better os really..
good luck and be sure you know what you are changing when it comes to the regestry.. look for whatyou need in the safe mode.. and when you know how to do it.. be the only one that does it.. dont teach a class. the regesry is usually transparent to the end user, keep it that way. No Regesty, no OS.

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