Account randomly locked. Windows 2000 Domain.

By nicoyogui ·
Windows 2000 domain. 4 Domain controllers.
One Exchange 2003 server.
My account has full domain admin rights.
4 (or more) times a day, it's getting locked. I have to login as "administrator" into a Domain Controller to unlock my account.

Attempts to fix:
- Changed password
- connected to servers hunting for an application where I'd be logged in
- used the "Account Lockout and Management Tools" ( with little success.

This all started when I changed my password after a few months.

How do I trace exactly what is making my account get locked?

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humm check the security event viewer logs

by CG IT In reply to Account randomly locked. ...

if your network has a lockout policy, then invalid attempts to logon after the lockout policy limit is reached will lockout the account.

If you installed applications or have services that rely upon your account to run and require a password, then changing your password would invoke the lockout policy. To fix it, you would have to find what applications or services that rely upon your account to run and change the password. Everytime you change your password, you'll have to change the applications or services that use your account.

Note: I'm sure if you really thought about it, you'll come up with another senario of why your account continues to lock itself out after you've changed your password. Again check the security event logs. A domain admin would certainly realize the senario.

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I tried these things...

by nicoyogui In reply to humm check the security e ...

There are no lockout policies on the domain. In fact, I even went in to make a new policy (called it "no lockouts") with 'account lockout treshold' set to 0.

I've looked around for programs or services running as me, but there aren't any that I can find. I might be missing it somewhere, and I do realize that this is the most likely reason for my issue.

So, i'm left with trying to deduce it by logs... but I'm not sure what logs you're talking about. Can you be more specific? What's the name of the log, and would it be on a logonserver or where?

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Possible Scenario

by LarryD4 In reply to Account randomly locked. ...

I had a similar problem where the Username and Password storage function in IE was causing this as well.

As the admin I would use my browser to access intranet/internet/ and server based shares and web pages for server management.

IE would try to use my username and password stored in the security cache rather then my AD account when trying to access sharepoint and some AD driven web pages. We user firstname.lastname as the username and so did some external web sites. AD would reject the password because it was not my AD password but a password on a seccure web page. Thus locking out my AD account once it tried three times.

try disabling the username and password caching tool in IE.

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No dice

by nicoyogui In reply to Possible Scenario

I don't use IE, and I don't have anything storing my passwords in such a way, so I don't think this is it.

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by nicoyogui In reply to See if this will help

I included the Microsoft link on my first post.
As for your 2nd link, you can see that I'm the last one to reply there. The guy said he found a solution, but doesn't explain what the solution was.

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