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My laptop was first Windows 7 and I format the c drive and put Windows 10 in it I had a accounting software that was installed in C drive and its data but I forgot to back it up when i put Windows 10 after that i installed my accounting software but i could not find my data i also had the first data of my accounting software that i had put in the D drive i copied that data into the c drive and tried it again but I could not find my data can you tell me a method that i can recover the data of my accounting software

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Well as you have not said which Accounting Package you have

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Accounting Software DATA ...

As a general Rule most accounting packages I have ever had anything to do with keep their data inside their primary folder in the main folder of the program.

When you formatted the HDD you effectively deleted this information and made it very expensive to recover. The more you use the drive the more your data is going to be overwritten making it even more expensive to recover.

What you have not said was how critical this data actually is if it is vitial you should remove the drive immediatly fit a new HDD tot he unit and load Windows to that. Take the drive you removed from the unit to a Specalist Data Recovery House and pay then to recover your data. There is the posibility of recovering everything you need but it's not cheap. I have been involved with drives that have been recovered for Legal Purposes and the cost of recovery was in excess of 1 Million but they where not the normal but used to convict a person for their criminal activity.

As an examply On Track recovered a drive that was on Colmiba the Space Shuttle destroyed by cracked Heat Tiles on reentery. The drive was found in a swamp submerged and suffering heat damage. I would assume that the impact force was quite high and the drive had been submerged for at least 6 months before being found so I wouldn't want to be the one paying for the recovery but none the less it would have been considerably cheaper than repeating whatever that drive was recording at the time.

However if the data isn't critical you can always copy the data you have into the folder that your accounting program lives in reset the Company and laad that data and then do what is required to bring it up to date. While time consuming it will be cheaper than recovering the drive and you will be sure that you have everything as even the best recovery firm may not be able to recover everything you need within the price you are willing to pay.

Most recovery options also result in the destruction of the drive because they remove the platters and work directly with them so you also have to factor in the loss of the drive as well as whatever the finial costs are.

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