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    Accounting solution on Linux Router


    by civanescu ·

    I have an Linux wich masquarade a network to net… i want the best solution for accounting… based on IPes of the computers in subnet… and if exist one based on users which uses that computers…. (users authentice themself to a Windows NT).

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      Accounting solution on Linux Router

      by hugevlad ·

      In reply to Accounting solution on Linux Router

      Hi !
      Linux kernel has “ip-firewalling” feature, that controlled via ipfwadm (for 2.0.x kernels) or ipchains (for 2.2.x kernels). Using these utilities you can tune accounting system by ip-address (see ipchains-HOWTO, firewall-HOWTO in your Documentation directory).
      To logging activity by user I suggest to use proxy-servers with authentification on your Linux Router. In addition, in this case you can see “summary” image, even if user works on different mashines and prevent unauthorized using your channel.

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