Accpac 7.0 unable to print

By skhanallen ·
We were able to print from our DOS application until we had a powercut. The printer is connected to the server via LPT1, we are able to print all window applications to the printer but not the DOS one, Accpac. When I look at the printer setup in Accpac the printer that we use is not listed and I have no idea how it was set-up initially. Can anyone help?

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Dos Printers

by Johnson.Charles.C In reply to Accpac 7.0 unable to prin ...

This will depend upon you finding a "compatible" driver in Accpac. You might be able to get specific assistance in setting up this printer at where there is an active ACCPAC Plus support forum. You'll need to go to the System Toolbox, Printers, and copy a printer definition and then change the necessary codes for this printer. You are certain it is capable of printing fom DOS, aren't you? Many modern printers can only print from Windows applications.
Whats the Printer Model?

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Dos Printer

by skhanallen In reply to Dos Printers

It did work before the powercut so I know this printer (Epson LQ-590) is compatible. When the server was turned on after the powercut the 'found new hardware' appeared for that printer.

I have never come across Accpac before and have only used windows applications. In Accpac the only printer available is <Default>. How can I add the printer that we have as it does not appear on the list when I press F3, printer setup, printers and I tab to modify type of printer.

Can I contact you directly to go through options?

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what tha

by shasca In reply to helpful forum

Where the **** did this post come from? How did I get lured in. I am so disspointed.

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