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    Accpac Accounting Package Under Windows


    by trishi ·

    I have installed Accpac 4.1A multiuser package under NT. While application is installed on local dirve, database is on network drive to create a true client/server environment.

    I have compaq Deskpro PCs with 128 MB RAM. First of all this application refuses to run at acceptable level if I use TCP/IP protocol to access the database. However, it is running very fast under SPXII. Any comments why this is happening.

    The more serious problem is that some of the PCs simply hang on random basis when they use this application. The only solution is to hard boot the PC. The vendor of Accpac puts blame on hardware. I even changed RAM chips and Networking cards but still no solution.

    Any advise will be highly appreciated.

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      Accpac Accounting Package Under Windows

      by Anonymous ·

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      Call Accpac tech support.

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      Accpac Accounting Package Under Windows

      by curlergirl ·

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      You could try disabling opportunistic locking on your Windows NT server and workstations. This is a registry hack, so BE CAREFUL. It does not seem to have any noticeable downside as far as I am aware. Add (or edit) the following value in the registry on your server and workstations by setting it to 0 (false):


      UseOpportunisticLocking REG_DWORD
      (If this value exists, it will probably be set to 1 (true) which is the default.)

      I know of other accounting software where opportunistic locking can cause problems when the program resides locally but the database is on the server. As far as using SPX rather than TCP/IP, it’s hard to say why, but Ihave also known of third party accounting software that was originally designed for older systems (i.e., DOS/Novell networks) that has the same characteristic. I don’t know anything about AccPac, but I do know it’s been around forever, so this might have something to d

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      Accpac Accounting Package Under Windows

      by mikeaussie ·

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      I agree with the initial comment from -Q.

      From what you say about spxII I am inclined to think the words “dos 16 bit” application
      dressed for windows.

      You may find some useful info at the address below.

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