Accrual Question

By michael.lichtfuss ·
Everyone I need help. We have employees in our organization that are hourly that receive a bonus at the end of the year. Bonuses are based on base salary only, but some hourly employees work have shift differentials, where they may be paid, $25 for a few weeks, then back down to $21 for the month. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this. Does anyone have an excel example of this?

Thanks in advance.


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Do this how?

by scott_heath In reply to Accrual Question

You looking to make a spreadsheet? Pull time from a database? Can you provide more detail?

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More Info

by michael.lichtfuss In reply to Do this how?

As of right now we do not pull all the info from a DB. We manually put in their pay in the spreadsheets. Typically I have been at companies where only Exempt employees receive a bonus, which is fine because then you base it off of 2080. But these hourly people some of them work 2160 in a year. That's what's throwing me off. I would normally accrue by days. So if you were making 10K and received a raise on March 1st to 15K I would accrue the first section from 1/1/7 02/28/7 at the 10K then 3/1/7 - 12/31/7 at the 15K.

Does that make sense?

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I can help you with code...

by scott_heath In reply to More Info

... but I need an example of data. Do you track their weekly hours in the spreadsheet?

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by michael.lichtfuss In reply to I can help you with code. ...


I can email you a spreadsheet if you want but also I will give you a couple examples.

Hourly ee:
1-1-7 - 3-14-7 $36.38
3-15-7 - 3-31-7 $37.37
4-1-7 - 4-15-7 $38.54
4-16-7 - 4-30-7 $37.54
Those above rates were based on 2080 hours
5/1/7 - 12/31/7 - $34.14 based on 2196 hours

Exempt ee:
1/1/7 - 3/31/7 $70,000
4/1/7 - 12/31/7 $72,590

Now once we get that we have numerous performance factors to determine the rates.
Did you want those? Again if it's easier let me know your email address mine is

Payroll is run bi-monthly. I've never accrued for things on a paycheck basis I've always done days, but the ee's with 2196 are really confusing me.

Thanks again for the help.


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