Acer 5720 Blank Screen

By Les537 ·
my daughter has an Acer 5720 Laptop which has mysteriously developed a blank screen.

She swears she didn't drop it, and the laptop doesn't appear to be damaged in anyway.

I've tried rebooting it and pressing f5/f6 but nothing.

I attached the laptop to an external monitor, and have had limited success - the graphics appear on the monitor (the laptop screen remained blank), the password was entered, the boot sequence begins, and I can hear the drive whirring away in the background, but nothing comes on the screen again.

Can anyone help - but not by suggesting I download and run a repair, remember the screen is blank so I can't access anything to download it ;-)


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Well as you can see things on an external Screen

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Acer 5720 Blank Screen

I would continue to use that and do some diagnostics.

The Ultimate Boot CD would be my starting point which is free here


Just click on the ISO Image listing and download that.

However if you don't want to download anything your only alternative is to start tearing the thing apart and hope you can find something visually wrong with it. You may find a broken Lead but it's far more likely to be an Invisible Electronic Failure that will not show to just a Visual Inspection.

Also you may be able to find a Service Manual for this computer but as you didn't give us the Model Name & Number things are more than a bit difficult. This could be either a Travel Mate or Aspire 5720 which are very different systems and what applies to one is unlikely to apply to the other.


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Acer Aspire 5720

by Les537 In reply to Well as you can see thing ...

Hi Col,
thanks for the advice, and apologies, I hadn't realised Acer had made two different beasts with the same model number.

I guess I could download the ultimate boot cd onto a memory stick from another laptop, then use it - it was just a case of not being able to directly download as the laptop is unusable.


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Your Welcome

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Acer Aspire 5720

Lets know how you get on with this.


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