Acer 6920G No Power, clicking sound when AC plugged-in?

By modularity ·
The notebook was switched itself off after I left it standing by for 5-10 minutes with no prior sign of failure/malfunction. There's no power from AC adapter AND battery (battery was fully charged), no single sign of light: power light and front lights, nothing at all, simply dead. There is a clicking sound when AC adapter is plugged in, not from the speaker and not with the battery inserted, came out from the inside of the laptop, clicking approx. 2 times/second. I also tried the reset method but it didn't work: remove all sources of power and holded down on/off button for 30 seconds and so on. I could only manage to remove the HDD and then plugged the AC in, "still making clicking sound", cannot tell where exactly it came from. The unit has started to make a sound (stucking/cluck cluck) when switched on for 5-10 minutes and on random occasions about 6 months before the breakdown. Well my questions are:

1. In your opinion, what do you think it caused the problem, from your experience and the given details, for this breakdown: power jack, RAM, HDD, motherboard, or else? (please specify one)

2. Is there any good, reliable, professional place in London, UK (apart from the ACER centre itself) could investigate an original problem with a very small fee or none at all before proceeding to the the fixing process?

Thank you.

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Power supply failure.

by seanferd In reply to Acer 6920G No Power, clic ...

Or a short somewhere. Probably best not to plug it in again.

You'll have to wait for someone in the London area to see your post if you want a recommendation from this forum. Off the top of my head, I can only think of one UK member (who posts regularly) self-identified as being in or near London.

to get you started?

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