Acer Aspire 4937 touch-screen volume problems

By dominisc880 ·
I'm using ACER aspire 4937G, but I'm encountering problems with the touch-screen volume thing. It always auto adjusted to 0 volume. When i tried to increse the volume, it automatically moves down itself to 0.

Is there any way I can fix this problem?

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Well assuming that the Sound Card Drivers are installed

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Acer Aspire 4937 touch-sc ...

And that the Sound Device is correctly set have you tried reinstalling the Touch Screen Drivers?

But you need to first check that the correct device is selected in the Sound Devices.
Open the Control Panel select the Sound & Audio Devices and then when that Window Opens click on the Audio Tab and make sure that your Audio Device is showing.

Sometimes when games or some other Software is installed this can be changed to whatever is installed when you apply new software or setup any Sound Proprieties under that Software.


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I checked all the stuff

by dominisc880 In reply to Well assuming that the So ...

Well, thanks for the quick response. And yes, I have checked all the sounds cards drivers and stuff. I just bought it few days back and haven't installed any third-party software yet.

And, I have the warranty, but its very troublesome to go to the service center, queue and wait for whole day just to repair this volume thing. Thus, u guys have any solution for this problem?

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Sorry for the delay in responding

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I checked all the stuff

But I have not been receiving any Updates for the last week or so.

As this is Under Guarantee I really suggest that you let their Service Center fix the problem as it is possible that you could void the warranty if you start changing things.

Just make sure to Backup any Data on the system as it is possible that the Drive may need to be reimaged and if that is the case you will loose anything on the drive.

As you have yet to install anything Hopefully you have some form of Updated AV Product running there should be no software issues which are causing this but it is possible that something that the maker supplied is causing the problem. If that is the case they will know about it and have a workaround for the issue.


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I am sure, you have a volume device configuration problem

by salim In reply to Acer Aspire 4937 touch-sc ...

Check the manufacturer for update of the sound driver for this device.
Got skype and download software to test. Before you start skype, it will configure the system (speakers and recording itself), the best way to test your system.

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There is a way to fix it !

by hacker7enhunter In reply to Acer Aspire 4937 touch-sc ...

I ve got the same problem as u guys encountered. The solution is to open launch manager and click ok.. then it will fix it...

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