Acer Aspire 5100, cannot find the DVD drive (D:/) after installing WinXP

By LambdaGirl1 ·
I bought this computer about two months ago and it came with Windows Vista. Vista was running slow, some of my software and devices (i.e. Canon digital camera, Verbatim Store N Go 2Gb flash drive, etc) wouldn't work, so I my boyfriend install Windows XP (he's our company's IT guy). It worked for a while, and the I burned a CD about a week ago, and ever since then I've been getting an error message saying that something's not being recognized, but in the error message it didn't say anything about the DVD drive. Any help? Thanks!

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I would suggest getting your boyfriend to check the Device Manager for missing drivers and then running an update.

Have you tried running Windows Updates yourself? (much better if you actually go to the website and do it manually. You can get to this via your Start Menu)

Hope this helps.

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by LambdGirl1 In reply to Hello

Hi. The drive is not located in the Device Manager, and when I did a check to find mising drivers, it didn't find the missing dvd drive ( drive). Yes, I also ran Windows Update and it did not do anything either. Thanks for the suggestion. I will keep looking.

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The exact error message would help

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Acer Aspire 5100, cannot ...

But what is happening here is that the Default Drivers have been installed so you need to look at the NB's Makers Web Site For XP Drivers for that model Computer.

Things like M'Board Drivers or sometimes called Chip Set Drivers would be my first bet as I think that you'll find something on the M'Board isn't working quite right.

As the above poster said look in the Device Manager for any problems but you can also look at the Acer Web Site here


But only look for XP Drivers as the Vista ones will not work with XP.

If they don't have the necessary drivers there you can try Drivers.com here


or Driver Headquarters here



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some useful info not listed here

by gerontiumis In reply to The exact error message w ...


this is the web address where drivers for the acer aspire 5100 can be found for windows xp including manuals and extra acer software bundles like acer empowerment etc. which add functionality to the laptop. however you should be aware that in some instances the dvd which should be listed as Slimtype DVD A DS8A1P can still act a little wonky after a while, am currently trying to fix a problem that has arisen with the eject of said dvd, as the dvd now vansishes from both the bios and the operating system when eject is pressed manually or virtually.


is where a related query is set up and may over comming days get some kind of helpful feedback

if you have installed all the drivers for xp and the system doess still keep losing the dvd, I suggest you try removing the battery and then removing the power cable, replugging the power cable back in without the battery attatched as this wipes somekind of buffer cache that either xp or the acer bios seems to retain, and ussualy the bios rediscovers the dvd and it is usable with at least one disk for each session before going screwy again on xp. Each time it goes screwy until it can be fixed, remove the power input to the machine to clear the cache, when the battery is on on any laptop caches do not always clear so that the machine cannot always cold boot, this in my opinion is a design flaw of laptops, the bios for the acer aspire 5100 is also really limited so don't expect it to help either, especially as there is no manual disk drive setup facility

hope that this helps and check above query on fixya for updates

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