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By las751 ·
Anyone have this problem? Acer Aspire DVD r/w disappears does not show up in bios or in installed hardware. traded dvd roms with another acer both drives work in other computer neither works in mine. tries flashing bios does not cure problem. have used vista and xp pro and Kubuntu all OS's have the same issue. i have tried the clearing of the upper and lower filters on this machine before, it seemed to solve the problem at the time, unfortunatly it reoccured whats next? the computer sits at a desk and is never mover so physical damage to the computer is not likly. does anyone have a fix for this? any ideas at least? BTW ACER is usless in troubleshooting they keep wanting to point at windows when i know it has nothing to do with windows.

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System Board Failure

by BFilmFan In reply to ACER ASPIRE 5100 DVD ROM ...

Sounds as if the system board has failed. Time to take it to the repair shop where they can test it.

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acer drive---steve

by las751 In reply to System Board Failure

I thought about that; however, I forgot to mention that the drive randomly re-apears and then disapears after a day or so.

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Acer Aspire DVD r/w disappears

by cosmin29 In reply to ACER ASPIRE 5100 DVD ROM ...

Acer aspire model 50... DVD drive dissapears... SOLVED. It's actually a manufacturing problem. The dvd metal case atually touches the the interior metal case of the laptop causing a shortcircuit. Solution: Remove The DVD drive from its place by removing the screw of the drive from the back of laptop and then pull the drive gently out from the laptop case. At the end of DVD case you can see the metalic extension, with a little hole. Cover that entire area with something, i used a sticker, but let that hole free, so you can put the screw back in once you put the DVD drive back in to the laptop case. That's it. If your DVD drive has no other defects, it should work. It's a common problem to all Acer Aspire 5 series (5100, 5101, 5020, etc etc).

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