Acer aspire 5100

By yasha ·
I have acer aspire 5100 it was working fine, suddenly they keyboard and mouse stop working so i took out hdd and put in enclosure and formatte it throgh my desktop. Now when i put back that HDD in laptop and start it says "NTDLE missing Please press Ctrl alt and del" but since my keyboard and mouse not working i cant go to bios. I bought PCMCIA usb card and attached external keyboard and mouse still unable to go to bios to set boot from cd. i cant do anything. Please help me i am stuck.

Thank you very much

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Several mistakes here ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Acer aspire 5100

#1 Acer laptops have a hidden partition on the HDD for purposes of recovery to factory state. By removing the HDD and formatting it through your desktop, you have DESTROYED the recovery partition.

#2 I think you mean 'NTLDR missing...' This is due to the fact that the HDD is now empty, there is nothing on it now.

#3 You didn't need a PCMCIA usb card, laptops have usb ports built-in.

I suggest you plug the usb keyboard and mouse into 2 of the built-in usb ports and see if they work from there. To access the BIOS you should power up the laptop, and AS SOON as you see anything on the laptop screen, PRESS F2, to access the BIOS.

The MOUSE does not work in the BIOS

When the BIOS screen appears, use the cursor control keys on the laptop to navigate through the BIOS screens, in order to alter the boot sequence.

Normally you would not have needed to reinstall by booting from the CD drive. But now that you have deleted the recovery partition - Best of Luck.


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still have problem

by yasha In reply to Several mistakes here ...

Thank you for Replying, But the problem is the keyboard and the mouse on the laptop is not working and non of the usb port as well.
So i thought I can use keyboard and mouse through PCMCIA card but still it is not working. I can not enter BIOS because F2 key does nothing.
I tried to take battery out from motherboard but they are glued with motherboard.
help me

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Odd that you never said ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to still have problem

That the usb ports had failed.

You also never said that you'd stripped the laptop down to component level, to attempt access/removal of CMOS battery.

Is there anything else you haven't mentioned - like some form of trauma to the laptop? Shock, physical impact, ingression of liquid perhaps?

In other words what is the full story to "suddenly they keyboard and mouse stop working". What REALLY happened?

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To get HDD working again

by ozi Eagle In reply to Several mistakes here ...


As Old Mycroft said there is nothing on the HDD.

It is unlikely that an external USB keyboard will work until the operating system loads the drivers for the USB and PCMCIA card. As there is no OS then these won't work.

What I suggest you do is to again remove the HDD, substitute it for the HDD in your other computer, so that it is seen as the primary HDD, and also that you can't stuff up the HDD in the other computer.

Next boat from your OS install disk and load it onto the HDD. Now is the tricky bit, at the end of the file copying the installer will reboot the computer - DON"T LET IT. Turn the computer off as soon as it has shutdown and remove the HDD. Reinstall it in the laptop and boot. The installer will now look for the hardware drivers for the notebook. You will need to have these.

There is no guarantee, however, that your keyboard and mouse will work. Maybe the external ones will.

Good luck.


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