acer aspire 5670 not turning on right?

By zack247 ·
Hi everybody, a little while ago i got myself a new laptop, (well it was new to me, i got it used) it was an acer aspire 5670. I installed a 160gb hard drive and 2gb of ram, and for about a month it has been working fine. I had it apart to clean it today, (all the way apart) and it was working fine when i tested it when it was half back together. (ie: the motherboard was in the bottom half of the bottom shell but the upper half of the bottom half was not on yet, screen was attached)

but, strangely, after i got it all back together, the laptop didnt turn on the hard drive and it didnt turn on the screen. not even the backlight turned on, and the hard drive didnt spin up.
What was strange, was the fact that the fan started for a few seconds, then stopped followeed by a whining noise coming from the area of the CPU, not the fan. the power LEDs were still on but the laptop still did nothing. no beeps, no noises (other than the whining) no nothing. another strange thing was that the cd drive does its check once when the system starts up, and once before the fan cuts out. (about 30 sec. apart)

I tried switching out the ram with known good ram and it still didnt work. i tested the hard drive (sata) with a desktop and it works fine. i tried a static discharge too but the laptop still refuses to work normally. using just the charger, just the battery or both at the same time did nothing, and neither did unplugging and plugging in the bios battery. removing the cd drive didnt do anything either.

does anyone have any idea what might be wrong with my laptop? is it the cpu? the motherboard?

PS: there are two chips inside the bottom cover that get extremely hot, another one under the card reader that gets quite hot, and one under the keyboard that gets hot too. all of these burn to the touch after about 30 mins of the laptop being used. even through the plastic.
the two plain sight chips are a intel chip and broadcom chip, the one under the card reader is a texas instruments chip and the one under the keyboard, well i dont know that one.

still does anyone know whats wrong?

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Well just the obvious if it was working correctly before

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to acer aspire 5670 not turn ...

You pulled it apart. You didn't put it back together properly.

There is no need to dismantle NB's to clean them if you take a Basic Precaution before using them to begin with.

Insert a Cool Pad like the one shown here under every NB every time it is used


These stop bits of airborne gunk getting sucked into the Air Intake of NB and make then run a lot cooler.

I would suggest dismantling again and this time take a lot of care and test often as you reassemble.


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Reponse To Answer

by zack247 In reply to Well just the obvious if ...

i accidentaly clicked the wrong reply button, read below

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i hope that works...

by zack247 In reply to acer aspire 5670 not turn ...

but i am almost as positive as i can be that i put it together right. i will try again at taking it apart and testing, but if that doesnt work, what do you think would be the problem?

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to i hope that works...

Look at things like the Flexible Lead between the M'Board and Monitor. They can go in a couple of ways with only one being correct.

There is apparently also an issue with the Buttons on the Top of the Lower Case that turn on the System and so on that may not be correctly seated, however if everything is assembled correctly the most likely thing is that the M'Board took a Static Hit while it was apart and that's not good.


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Reponse To Answer

by zack247 In reply to i hope that works...

well oh smeg im pretty sure the motherboard didnt get static shocked, i made sure of that, but im still pretty sure its the cpu, the fan heatsink was very clogged up when i got the laptop, i think the previous owners let it overheat, they might have overheated the cpu and it died while i was using it?

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