Acer Aspire 5672 - Blank screen

By dranium ·
I have an Acer Aspire 5672WLMi and it is no longer under warranty. When I boot up my computer I get nothing but a blank screen. I can plug it to an external monitor and that works fine. I tried replacing the LCD inverter but that did not work. I tried fnc + F6 to toggle screens but that did not work. I tried swapping RAM and booting it with only one at a time to see if it?s a faulty RAM but that did not work. Anyone else have suggestions? Do you think it?s a fault graphics card? I am pretty sure the graphics card is soldered to the board so it's not really worth replacing it.

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Sic transit 5672

by santeewelding In reply to Acer Aspire 5672 - Blank ...
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With the external monitor - access display settings ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Acer Aspire 5672 - Blank ...

You never know, your desktop may have been 'pushed' over to the external monitor ONLY. If that is the case, when you boot to the laptop screen alone - it WILL be black.

Have a look at altering your desktop settings from the visible external monitor screen.

You might also check out the twisted cable that routes from the motherboard, feeding the image to the laptop lid via one or other of the hinge mountings - these slim wires are among the most heavily used components on any laptop since they get bent backwards and forwards every time the laptop lid is opened or closed.

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by santeewelding In reply to With the external monitor ...

Sic transit the wires.

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Twisted cable

by dranium In reply to With the external monitor ...

I will check to see if there is any kinked cables. The weird this is the odd times when I boot up the laptop I will get an image on the screen. Thank you for the suggestions.

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They won't be kinked.

by Ron K. In reply to Twisted cable

Unless by 'kinked' you mean broken. <br>

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