Acer Aspire One 150-won't boot up, only has black screen when power is on

By markschillin ·
Acer Aspire One 150-won't boot up, only has black screen when power is on.I've tried powering up and hitting F2 and F12, I've also done power reset.Nothing works. Please help!

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Is anything at all happening when you press the Power Button?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Acer Aspire One 150-won't ...

If not the M'Board has most likely failed or the Power Connector where you plug in the Mains Adapter has either broken off the M'Board or the Mains Adapter has failed.

If the fans are running but nothing else is happening try a different Mains Adapter as it is possible that your's has failed and is no longer producing sufficient power to start the computer or charge the battery.

You can also try removing the Mains Adapter and Battery and pressing the Power On Button for 10 Seconds and then refit the battery and see if that makes any difference.


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Two things happen when power button is pushed.

by markschillin In reply to Is anything at all happen ...

1)the power button LED lights up when button pushed.
2)you can hear fan and perhaps(not sure)
the hard drive.
F12 and F2 do nothing even after power reset.The only thing I can think that could have happened would be a power down during it writing to disk.
I would greatly appreciate any options to try. I had borrowed this computer from my father who has an unusual fear of "something" happening to his computer.Basically because he is computer illiterate. Now his worst fears have come true.Well not yet,hopefully I can pull off a recovery!

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You really need to check the power here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Two things happen when po ...

If that is all right there is very little that you can do to repair this unit short of replacing the M'Board.

But in the meantime if you have a Desktop Monitor you can plug that in and see if that has anything on the screen when you apply power.

The main reasons for NB's to act like this is

A Some form of Liquid has been split on them and this has adversely affected the Circuits inside the case.

No real cure for this but maybe you can recover the data from the HDD if it has not failed as well.

B The unit has been packed away with the mains adapter plugged in and this has broken the Socket off the M'Board or broken the M'Board.

It may be possible to solder the Socket back onto the M'Board or place a socket on a Fly Lead to prevent this happening again.

C the system was never actually shut down and is in Hibernation where it has hung.

If this is the case you need to remove the Mains Adapter and Battery to actually turn it off before you can start it again.

D The NB was packed away in it's case while it was running and it has cooked itself with the heat that it generates while running.

No real fix for this either and if it is the case the parts that will have failed generally cost more than a new NB.

E the Mains Adapter has failed and is no longer working or producing enough power/current to charge the Battery or run the NB and the Battery has gone flat.

The only real solution for this is to buy a new Mains Adapter and leave it plugged in and turned on till the Battery is recharged.


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This is a solution if the fan runs.

by oneoar51 In reply to Is anything at all happen ...

Follow the instructions EXACTLY. It worked for me.


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A couple of checks

by Jacky Howe In reply to Acer Aspire One 150-won't ...

The Notebook or Laptop will not start up

To turn on the computer, press the power button. When the computer is turned on, the power light is turned on.

If the computer and the power light are not turned on when you press the power button, adequate power may not be available to the computer.

The suggestions below may help you determine the reason the computer will not start up:

If the computer is plugged into an AC outlet, verify that the AC outlet is providing adequate power by plugging another electrical device into the outlet.

If the computer is running on battery power or is plugged into an external power source other than an AC outlet, plug the computer into an AC outlet using the AC adapter. Make sure the power cord and AC adapter connections are secure.

If the computer is running on battery power:

Remove the primary battery pack and travel battery pack (if applicable) and plug the computer into an AC outlet using the AC adapter. If the computer starts up, one of the battery packs may need to be replaced.

If the battery light on the front of the computer is blinking, the battery pack has reached a lowbattery condition, which may not allow the computer to start up. Plug the computer into an AC outlet using the AC adapter to start the computer and allow the battery to charge.

You could give the inside of the case a blowout with compressed air. When blowing air through the fans make sure that you physically stop them from spinning, as they may generate power and cause damage.

Next, remove the Heatsink, give it and the CPU top a thorough clean with a cotton cloth and reseat the CPU applying new CPU grease. Arctic is a good brand.

If the Fans spin freely when you give them a spin they are probably OK. If there is resistance replace them.

Clean the Cooling Vents

Depending on the model, vents can be found on the side, back, and/or bottom of the notebook PC. These vents allow air to flow through the PC and keep it cool. Buildup inside these vents impedes the cooling process.

Clean I/O Ports

The back of the notebook PC has a series of ports. After cleaning the cooling vents, take the compressed air and **** out any debris that may have accumulated in and around these ports.

Clean the RAM

Clean the golden edge of each memory stick with a soft rubber/eraser, remembering not to touch the golden edge of the memory stick. Check with one stick at a time, remembering to disconnect the power from the PC.

One way to help in this situation to help cool the unit is to use a Notebook Cooling Chill Mat, something like this.

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You might try an external USB keyboard on it ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Acer Aspire One 150-won't ...

If the NB keyboard has failed, and I'm not familiar with Netbooks at all so this is purely a guess, maybe they falter and fall over when there is no identifiable keyboard.

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This worked for me

by AcerDude In reply to Acer Aspire One 150-won't ...

Hi Mark

I had the exact same problem with my Aspire One. I expected it to be some sort of hardware problem, but then I tried the solution described on the following site:

...which brought it back to life! Hope that helps! :)

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Absolutely Worked - Thanks AcerDude

by gurugeekster In reply to This worked for me

This 'fix' worked perfectly. Do exactly as instructed. I am a computer tech and thought my Acer was toast. Black screen and no sign of posting. I connected an external monitor - nothing. I completely disassembled the netbook to recover the Hard Drive data. I pulled the bios battery and replaced - just in case - nothing. As a last resort I Googled and found this fix and it worked! Who would have thought?

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Acer Boot up Problems

by ashily24dee In reply to Acer Aspire One 150-won't ...

You can use the Task Manager to fix black screen error on Acer Aspire 5100 laptop for this, you need to ensure Internet connection in the system and press Alt, Ctrl and Delete keys to get the Task Manager. In the Task Manager window, you need to get the Application tab and click the ???New Task??? button. Now, a small command box appears in which you need to enter the command for downloading BLACKSCREENFIX. You need to then run the fix program and get the black screen issue fixed.

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