Acer Aspire one netbook-hangs when left idle

By ehtisham.andrabi ·
Am using Acer Aspire one netbook, over the period of time my netbook has become too slow,Most of the time google chrome hangs like showckwave or flash player hangs,,and if I leave idle then it again hangs and doesnt resume instantly.I am using Windows 7

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try a clean up

by PurpleSkys In reply to Acer Aspire one netbook-h ...

google ccleaner and them both and then maybe a defrag...let us know how it works out

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didnt work

by ehtisham.andrabi In reply to Acer Aspire one netbook-h ...

had done these steps before posting this message.,,and again I cleaned up but it didnt help!!!!!

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Reponse To Answer

by PurpleSkys In reply to didnt work

what have you got for system specs on the netbook and what version of win7?

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Not knowing for sure which model of Acer Aspire One you have,

I can only answer from a "general" viewpoint. Might check your Power settings, see
if Hibernate or Shutdown is check marked. You could also try deleting the file
"hiberfil.sys" by turning off Hibernate feature...then re-enabling it to recreate the
file (hiberfil.sys is a "copy" of your system in RAM at the time it decides to hibernate)
just in case it has been corrupted. When uncheck the box, restart your
computer, then check your C: drive to make sure hiberfil.sys is not
present. Then you can recreate it by checking the box to enable

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