ACER emachines E510

By micho0305 ·
have problem whit installing dongle Sentinel driver at this machine.It goes like this..I have Tsunamis navigator program (v.2004)and its working smooth on my desktop machine, on my old Thinkpad on few other new laptops (Lenovo, HP,Thosiba) whit same version of WinXP (whit or without SP3) but on this laptop dongle is not found. Went to sysProperties, there is sing on serial port,tried to update from official Transas site, from Seintel driver site, from Windows update, nothing works..somebody told told me to try something in BIOS but in Bios there is no option for working whit serial ports.
Have installed USB to Serial-nothing, have installed newest drivers for motherboard- nothing, I did try everything except flashing BIOS, but laptop is few month old I think its not necessary. Funny because older version of Transas Tsunamis form 1999 is working normal. All program are legal so I am surprised that there is no support from official sites of Transas or Acer tehnologies..they simple dont answering to this question..really looking forward to any kind of answer or solution, I am depending on this machine it is my working tool (fisherman) and it is very frustrating to me giving all that money for legal programs and having nothing. Thanks everybody for yor time

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The problem may be that you have XP installed on the E510

by seanferd In reply to ACER emachines E510

Do the USB ports detect other hardware normally? Does USB show up in Device Manager?
If not, it might be that XP did not install correctly. See:
(I can't get some of this page to work.)

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Clarify something

by IC-IT In reply to ACER emachines E510

What does this mean? "Went to sysProperties, there is sing on serial port,"

If you are saying there is a red X, then indeed the serial port may be disabled in the BIOS or in the Device Manager. If it is a yellow exclamation point, then you may need the drivers. You should be able to install the chipset drivers from the Acer (or emachine?!) web site.

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