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    Acer Keyboard Mouse Problem


    by jzurb ·

    I am using a Acer 5672 with Synaptics drivers and XP pro sp1 for both the keyboard and mouse. I don’t know what happened recently but now my keyboard and mouse are not working. I have not installed any new software before this happened. I am able to use a usb mouse with no problems. And the keyboard and mouse on the laptop work in the bios and in safe mode. I have done a chkdisk and a thorough virus and spyware scan with no results. I have reinstalled the latest synaptics drivers but no change. Under device manager there is no mouse driver listed for the laptop only the external usb mouse driver is there. It used to be listed under mice as a touchpad. I have performed a system restore to an earlier date and it still is not working. It appears Windows is not even seeing the touchpad anymore. Any suggestions Thanks

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      Contact manufacturer

      by ozi eagle ·

      In reply to Acer Keyboard Mouse Problem


      A client of mine has a different brand of notebook, but similar problem. He was sent a bootable CD that re-installs the touchpad, from the manufacturer. Problem occurs occassionally and the CD fixes it.


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      Same problem i am facing

      by mukesh.kumar ·

      In reply to Acer Keyboard Mouse Problem


      I am also facing same problem with my laptop. if you found any solution so please mail me at


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        Do This !! ..

        by lafernando ·

        In reply to Same problem i am facing

        I had the exact same problem and after much confusion i found out what the problem is, it’s the BATTERY .. i guess somethings wrong with it and the ACPI functionalities in the computer .. after removing the battery, everything works fine ..

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          NHC use

          by chrishonson ·

          In reply to Do This !! ..

          I had the same exact problem and pulling the battery out fixed it. I’m wondering how you knew this. Did you ever use NHC or mess with ACPI on your own. I upgraded to a newer version of NHC at right about the same time that i had the problem so it’s likely the culprit. Now the question is: how do i fix it so the battery works.

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          Hello ..

          by lafernando ·

          In reply to NHC use

          Yeah I installed NHC sometime back .. no idea if that’s the problem or not .. but i can’t remember changing any settings with that or anything. I guessed it’s something to do with ACPI cos one time when i booted with a linux live cd, it had the option to turn off ACPI functionalities, after that the computer worked fine. that’s how i guessed somethings wrong in that area ..

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          Fixed Problem

          by petertmac ·

          In reply to Do This !! ..

          Thanks for the tip. This piece of advice saved my sister $1500 to buy a new laptop. The “expert” at her local computer shop told her to buy a new laptop. I spent five minutes googling the problem and now the problem is fixed. Thanks for the help.

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          did not work for me

          by ramirez_818 ·

          In reply to Fixed Problem

          i have an acer aspire 3650. the touchpad and keyboard do not work. i suspected overheating when i took off the bottom panel and the heat sink fan had been covered in dust. i removed the dust, put back the laptop, same problem. no touchpad or keyboard. so i booted it up without the battery. still same problem. cant boot of any OS disc since i cant change boot sequence or press a key to boot off disc….. any solutions ?

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          Removing battery worked for me too

          by geekboy310 ·

          In reply to Do This !! ..

          I thought it would be important for people to know that this has worked on several different systems. This worked for me on the first try. Thanks for posting the solution. I’m sure it will help others too.

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          by alaiska ·

          In reply to Removing battery worked for me too

          what battery do i have to remove, because i’ve almost the same problem that is on starting windows i cannot use any keys or combination to enter windows and the cursor stay in the middle of the screen.

          Windows start normally but i cannot enter into my account or other account

          neither i can enter into safe mode

          help me please:(

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          Same here – new battery?

          by ioanis_hristodoulou ·

          In reply to Removing battery worked for me too

          Hi guys,

          I just wanted to confirm as well that it worked for me. I’m also wondering if any of you guys bought a new battery for the computer and if you had the same problem with the new battery.

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          Have more issues

          by mthippatong ·

          In reply to Do This !! ..

          The keyboard and mouse doesn’t work and neither does the usb, so I can’t use a usb keyboard or mouse. I take out the laptop battery and still nothing works. Is there another solution?

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          by nabongo ·

          In reply to Do This !! ..

          Had the same issue with my laptop (Sahara) and after removing the battery, it was fine. My system is actually a dual boot with xp and ubuntu. The funny thing is the ubuntu side works perfectly with or without the battery so i suspected a windows virus. Turns out to be the bloody battery!

          Thx for the tip.

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          Thank you! Buy new battery?

          by amclellan84 ·

          In reply to Do This !! ..

          Thank you so much. I have spent so many hours Goolging and downloading alternative drivers because the keypad and touchpad weren’t working, couldn’t restart., turn off, etc etc. and the laptop was a friend’s that I was reformatting; I thought I had broken it lol.

          Anyway, did you buy a new battery? I’m sure I read somewhere else that person did that, and that the new Acer batteries were of higher voltage, thus working better. I lost the link to this post, though, so can’t confirm that. Do you know anything this?

          Thanks again. Life saver.


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      been there done that

      by nikola.teslovich ·

      In reply to Acer Keyboard Mouse Problem

      same thing happened to my 5570 turns out acer likes to not connect the touchpad cable securely enough. Luckily mine broke soon after i bought it and bestbuy fixed it for free, but that’s wat they told me was the problem and they said that they do this ALOT

      so that’s the prob, if u just pop up the keyboard, u can see the cable and reconnect it.
      its not software, its hardware

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      some help please mouse and keyboard problem

      by lubester2001 ·

      In reply to Acer Keyboard Mouse Problem

      OK I have an acer aspire 4530 laptop
      my mouse left button don’t work right
      my keyboard don’t work right the buttons
      Sound are heard when the buttons are depressed
      And if I hit like the H key the help menu pops up similar
      keys did different functions but the keyboard wont work the way it should
      i updated the drivers, the keyborad works fine in bios i removed the battery
      and still nothing…..HELP

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