acer keyboards and touchpad

By prince.mupenzi ·
my acer keyboard and touchpad gets recently hanging and goes off during login but works in safe mode what is the problem

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Insufficient information ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to acer keyboards and touchp ...

WHICH Acer are you referring to?

All we can tell from your post is that it's a laptop and not a tower.

We also need to know what operating system this laptop is running.

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by johnsongrantr In reply to acer keyboards and touchp ...

I've had this problem several times with other hardware combonations sounds like it could be a couple of things,

1- and probally the most fixable, change the usb ports these are plugged into if they are external, just swap them unplug usb (a) and plug into usb (b) see if that fixes it.

2- if you can get into the computer with an addional external keyboard/mouse (windows can support many keyboards/mice at the same time) reinstall the drivers, go to the manufacturer's website and download and install the most up to date drivers. first step would be to right click on my computer and go to manage then go to device manager, find the affected components and uninstall, now at the top, scan for hardware changes and it should re-install those compents.

3- if you are unable to do the above options, find a xp or vista (assuming) install disk and do a windows repair /boot off the install disk, at the first screen choose to install windows, then f8 to agree, then presss r for repair, choose your previous windows version and it will reinstall all your windows compents and drivers

the problem doesn't sound like a hardware issue besides switching the ports, but sence you mentioned touchpad I'm assumeing this is a laptop, so try option 2 first. I belive these should fix your problem

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Bad / Wrong Driver

by TheChas In reply to acer keyboards and touchp ...

As things work for boot up and in safe mode, you almost certainly have a wrong or corrupt driver.

First, see if the laptop will function with an external USB keyboard or mouse in normal mode.

If so, open device manager and look for a yellow "!" or "?". try uninstalling those devices and then reboot.

You may need to download and re-install the chip-set and touchpad drivers.

If a USB keyboard does not work, then you will need to edit the registry to remove the keyboard and touchpad. Then, reboot and allow Windows to find the hardware and install the drivers.


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