Acer laptop issue revisted...

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I have a pretty challenging one here...I have an acer aspire 3100 model BL51 and the initial problem was that it had a black screen when booted up and the sound was all messed up. It did not go past the windows loading screen.

I replaced the motherboard and reinstalled windows media center on it. After loading the video driver for the acer it appeared to have messed up the screen and it was flashing like crazy. I uninstalled and didnt install any kind of video drivers. That appeared to fix the problem up until the customer received the initial problem once again. It turns out he downloaded a game and that appeared to have caused the issue. I would appreciate any assistance on this issue. This has been an ongoing problem and would love to squash this as it has kept me up at night :)

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Linux Distro, System Restore

by robo_dev In reply to Acer laptop issue reviste ...

First of all, I would boot/run a Linux distro on CD to make 100% sure that no hardware problem exists.

Are there Acer-specific diags to verify that the video subsystem is actually working properly?

A video display on a laptop that's flashing could be a hardware problem, like the ribbon cable connection to the display is faulty, and the video card cannot detect video, hence it turns off the output.

Does it flash a display that's connected externally?

Have there been any BIOS updates for that model?

Have you defaulted the bios?

Is the video card part of the mobo, or replaceable? (if so, is the card seated properly, at normal temperature?)

Next, if the customer is hosing the system with software, then Windows system restore should un-hose whatever weird virus-infected game was added to the machine.

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