ACER Netbook too slow

By ehtisham.andrabi ·
I am having a Acer Aspire One D257 , originally it had MEEBO as operating system ,.however I replaced this with Windows 7 ,
I am frequently facing problems with the system performance .the netbook is only being used for internet browsing and at the max some video streaming purpose only.
However most of the time the system hangs; browser ( chrome or Firefox), explorer/folder windows all hang .
Sometimes it the shockwave in Google chrome crashes.
The video streaming and other flash player sites do also result in system hanging.
Also even if I leave the system idle for 9-10 minutes, it then hangs again, even though its not gone to sleep
One more thing is that the frequently it takes time to shut down too, though the start up time is fine,.

Could anyone try to help out with my problem here.
Processor Intel

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So exactly what do you expect this NetBook to be capable of?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ACER Netbook too slow

It's a Net Book not a NoteBook and as such has very limited resources which you actually list

Processor Intel ATOM Processor N435 (1.33GHz, 667MHz, 512KB)
System Memory 1GB DDR3 System Memory at 1066MHz (1GB x 1)
Graphic Processor Intel GMA3150 (Int. Graphic)
HDD 320GB S-ATA Hard Drive (5,400RPM)

While this system will run Windows 7 it will just run it and it's going to be extremely slow with no Multi Tasking capability so it can only do one thing at a time so you can not have more than 1 program open at a time. Even the RAM is on the absolute Minimum for Windows 7 and the CPU is below the Minimum Specified for Windows 7 so you are up against it from the beginning.

I would suggest reloading it with the OS it was supplied with and using it that way as it will work much better than with Windows. Even the Surface RT which has just hit the market will do very limited things with no ability to Multi Task and so on and that version of the Windows 8 OS is specifically designed for these low powered Processors, which can not run the Full version of 8. Windows 7 on the other hand doesn

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Reponse To Answer

by ehtisham.andrabi In reply to So exactly what do you ex ...

Actually the newer models this netbook were being supplied with Windows 7 "starter " edition. and I thought that mine would also work good considering that the configuration of system was same.
last time I reloaded Windows 7 and it worked well for few days before the breakdown seemed to appear.

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to So exactly what do you ex ...

Windows 7 Starter Edition is not Windows 7 it doesn't do Multitasking and the rest so if you must use 7 you need the Starter Edition not the Full Version of 7 which requires more resources than your NetBook has.

Windows 7 Starter was specially modified to run with the absolute minimum of resources and doesn't do most of what 7 does so yo either need to not run a lot of the more advanced bits of 7 or the better option is to get yourself a copy of 7 Starter which may even be available from Acer.


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I have a similar netbook, Acer Aspire One ZG5,

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to ACER Netbook too slow

with WinXP SP3 Starter, no big issues with it, but I also do not use Google Chrome
or Firefox browsers. Only Opera 11.64 (at the moment) and IE8. The update cycles
with FF and Chrome have me very leery of using those on some of my systems. If
I get one going the way I want, I do NOT want an auto-update messing things up.
My oldest son also has one of the ZG5s, these are now some 4 years old, still going
quite well. I've considered Win7 on mine, and may still upgrade it. I also have a
tendency to boot mine into Slax 6.1.2, a small Slackware Linux based distribution.
Most things work well in Slax on my netbook, though connecting to my home WiFi
normally has to be done manually.
Anyhow, if you could find it, I would suggest installing Windows XP SP3 Starter or
Home...Starter will probably not be available readily since it was basically an OEM
install, if I remember correctly. But Home should be available from reliable sources.
As a second OS, if you are up to tinkering a bit, consider installing Slax to a USB
thumb drive, even a small 1 gig USB drive is plenty. If you still desire more bleeding
edge, especially in regards to FireFox, then take a look at's a small
Linux distribution that is based on Slax, but uses more recent Firefox releases.
Either of those 3 operating systems would be good for your netbook, and for a
web browser I would suggest Opera, I prefer version 11.64, but work is underway
on version 12.10 which I may try when "stable"...version 12.02 has not been as
well received by some members of Opera Community.
Even if you decide to stay with Windows 7, I would suggest uninstalling Chrome
and Firefox and using Opera instead. I have an older Compaq notebook with
Win7 Ultimate 32 bit, with IE9, but I use Opera 11.64 on it the majority of the time.
If you don't want to switch browsers, then you probably should see if Chrome and
FF have an option to turn off the auto-install of upgrades, maybe just notify you
of the availability so you can read the forums of any problems prior to upgrading.

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Acer Aspire notebook

by johnmalaney In reply to ACER Netbook too slow

I purchased the aspire with linpus installed for my wife as I doubted it had the 'grunt' to run Windows. Over time the machine became slower and slower, there were no maintenance tools included in the distro and in the end I installed Ubunto and Libre office. Its now like a different machine, reliable, speedy to boot and good enough for web browsing and email plus use of the Office products
As there is cd or DVD drive I build a bootable pen drive following onstyructions on the ubuntu site.

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Install Ubuntu 7.04

by umar In reply to ACER Netbook too slow

I had one few years back and I installed Ubuntu, which gave me better performance. I would not recommend the newer release of Ubuntu as the system is too slow for it.



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