Acer netbook

By lonniec1143 ·
I am thinking about buing a acer netbook computer. Netbooks do not have a CD ROM. How can you reformat the Hard drive on an ACER?

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An external USB drive

by The Scummy One In reply to Acer netbook

would work fine
However, make sure that drivers are available before wiping it.

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How can you get the XP OS

by lonniec1143 In reply to An external USB drive

How do I get Windows XP. Will it com with the Acer cetbook? Will Acer send an Windows XP Operating System?

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Did you ask Acer?

by The Scummy One In reply to How can you get the XP OS

I cannot say for the certain, usually if you go to the manufacturers site you can purchase a recovery cd. Likely they will either have a recovery cd/dvd with the unit, or a recovery partition in which you need to create your own disks.

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Yes I asked Acer

by lonniec1143 In reply to Did you ask Acer?

Acer wants me to pay them for asking a question. It seems if I am buying something it should be free.

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LOL --

by The Scummy One In reply to Yes I asked Acer

too funny!
Ok, look at the contents of the package, does it state that it has any recovery media?
Looking at one of them from here

It has eRecovery Management SW. No idea what that means yet. A search seems like it may be helpful, or links to what the different things are/mean.
Their site sucks actually. Are you sold on Acer?

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Sold? not sure yet

by lonniec1143 In reply to LOL --

I am looking at an Acer now, they look atractive because of the size. I am not sure how they will hold up yet.

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I have only lightly looked into a netbook.

by The Scummy One In reply to Sold? not sure yet

I saw an acer and an HP next to each other, the HP cost a bit more, but they were comparable in size. I would be willing to bet, if you look at any manufacturers website, you can find variable sizes and options.
I had a hard time on Acers website, personally I didnt like it. I would be unlikely to buy from them if I cant research the offered computer other than basic specs and what their advertising is promoting.

One thing I like bout HP site (at work we have HP units), they have a search, and on the specs page there are usually links to more details, options, accessories, and more info. I would expect the same from all of the OEM's, however, I may be wrong.

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USB flash drive

by seanferd In reply to Acer netbook

or networked, I suppose.

You'll need to use one of these methods to install an OS after formatting, as well.

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I thank all of you for your answers they were helpful.

by lonniec1143 In reply to Acer netbook
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If the above answers where helpful mark them as such

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I thank all of you for yo ...

That way anyone one else who looks at this question will know and not have to ask it again.

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