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    acer notebook help needed asappppp!!


    by charlyg1997 ·

    I have an acer 1410 notebook. The screen is constantly dimmed so I can barely see a thing and it is unusable the warranty is up and I’ve had the laptop just over three years. I’m 15 so not having a laptop to do essays and revision for gcses is a major problem that needs fixing quickly. It is not on my settings dimmed so it shoulld be bright. I have tried the fn key and arrows and still no luck.if someone could suggest what is wrong and whether it is worth fixing or not and if so how much it will cost I would appreciate it. It used to go dimmed if the screen got knocked but now its permanent. Many thanks for ANY suggestions 🙂

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      by charlyg1997 ·

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      Have you tried hookiing it up to an external monitor?

      by Wizard57M-TR ·

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      If you have a desktop monitor, you can try hooking your notebook up to that.
      Then, if problems persist with dim screen, you have a pretty good idea that it
      is either a failing video adapter or other component in the notebook. You might
      also check and see if a new video driver has been released for your model at
      the Acer website. I would just make a best guess that your video adapter is
      going bad. As to cost to repair vs. value…check with a couple of local repair
      technicians and see what rates they quote you. You may find it less expensive
      to purchase a replacement notebook and have the data transferred from the
      old one to your new one.

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      As you said in your post

      by oh smeg ·

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      [i]It used to go dimmed if the screen got knocked but now its permanent[/i]

      Tends to point to a failure in the lead between the M’Board and the Monitor, these things can be either a ribbon lead or some wire and they suffer fatigue form the constant opening & closing of the NB Lid.

      The other thing it could be is that the Back Light is in the process of failing and it could either need reseating, replacing or the socket that it sits in needs repair/replacement.

      You can look at the Service Manual here for ideas

      As for repair costs that’s anyones guess as depending on what is wrong the time taken can be a fair amount working out what has gone wrong before the correct part is dismantled to start the repair.


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      Reconect the wires

      by rsmiedy ·

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      If you know how to open and repair a laptop reconect the wires. If you have not recived any certifications in computer repair such as Comptia A+ certification, than DO NOT I repeat DO NOT attempt any self repairs, bring it to your local staples or computer repair shop. If you attempt to repair this your self you will damage the computer and possibly your self.

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      by darren b – kc ·

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