Acer or Dell?

By Johnny9183 ·
I am planning to buy a desktop. I read some customer reviews on both Acer and Dell desktops, and found the reviews were mixed.

Which brand should I go for, with regards to product reliability?

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Depends on the individual models

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Acer or Dell?

Both have the possibility of having good models but overall I would say that the offerings from Dell would be more reliable. However that is supposing that you are not looking at a top of the line Acer and a bottom of the range Dell.

Depending on comparable systems Dell has more to offer but none the less you shouldn't consider that the end of the buying cycle just the beginning as you'll most likely want to upgrade the system to suit your actual needs. Things like the amount of RAM that comes installed and what can be added should be considered as well as what software comes preloaded.

So if you are looking at a system with up to 4 GIG of RAM Capacity you can use a 32 Bit OS and if it can carry more than 4 GIG which is normal these days you should consider a 64 Bit OS.

I would also say that a Dedicated Video Card is a Must Have as the systems that use the CPU and System RAM to generate Video are not the best performance units possible. If you must buy a system with shared video make sure that it can have a PCI Express Video Card added latter when you run into the need for it and that the system has the possibility to actually use a 16 X PCI Express Video Card.

If you can not at the very least add a Video Card latter I personally wouldn't be considering that system. Then if the system that you are looking at has it's own Video Card even if it only has 265 MEG of Video Memory it's still better than a system with what is called Integrated Video. You can also upgrade any Video Card to what is latter required but make sure that at the very least you can add a 1 GIG Video Card without the need to change other things like the Power Supply.


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Reponse To Answer

by Johnny9183 In reply to Depends on the individual ...


Thanks again. I just want a model that won't suffer from issues like power supply blowing up every 3 months. I have a UPS anyways.

I was comparing Dell XPS 8300 with Acer AM3970-EB20P. None of them have a Dedicated Video Card, which I believe I have to order separately. Both have atleast one PCI-E (X16) slot available.

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Power Supplies are a weak point in all off the shelf systems

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Acer or Dell?

Mainly because they build to a price and the idea of using high quality parts is more than a bit too expensive.

However on the other hand I've seen Antec Power Supplies die in a few months but in every case when they died there was something nasty that came down the lines and the PS instead of passing the spike into the case and damaging/destroying the computer just stopped working. I remember one case where a tree fell onto the Overhead Power Lines and bought the 11KV lines into contact with the Low Voltage Mains so here instead of 240 V going into every house int he neighborhood they had 11,000 I had 1 computer in that area that sort of survived. The Monitor was destroyed as well as the PS in the computer but after supplying a new monitor and Power supply that computer worked for another 3 years till it was decommissioned. It was the only thing connected to the mains that survived that incident in the entire neighborhood.

Not something I would recommend to do but it's nice to know that that individual power supply did it's job.


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Reponse To Answer

by Johnny9183 In reply to Power Supplies are a weak ...

lol sorry to hear about the power line incident. I guess the PS blows itself up to save the rest of the computer lol Thanks for the idea though. I would take PS off from my things to consider list.

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