Acer Travelmate 2493 keeps turning off

By siyaz ·
I've got a Acer Travelmate 2493 laptop,it keeps switching off as I am working on it, I have tried formatting it but this hasn't solved the issue..

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Bunch of questions one idea

by TobiF In reply to Acer Travelmate 2493 keep ...

What are you doing when it turns off?
Are there any specific sounds or messages when it turns off?
Is it more eager to turn off when you're doing harddisk intensive or calculation intensive work?

Unless it turns off at the same point all the time, it is probably hardware related.

My first guess would be that it's overheating. Maybe the internal fans don't work. (Can you check)

Make sure you don't block the ventilation holes of your computer.
Have you tried to put your computer on a "cooling pad" with built-in fans, usually powered via USB?

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I also tend to think that you are experiencing a Hardware Issue

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Acer Travelmate 2493 keep ...

As apposed to a Software problem. I would start by looking in the BIOS and changing the Auto Shut Down temp Setting to something higher. On the CPU this should be around 75 C or higher in any NB.

Also I never sell a NB to a customer without a Cooling pad like the one here

Though you can look at cheaper options to what Antec Make. These do several things they prevent the Air Intakes of the NB getting blocked by quite a few things and allowing the CPU to Overheat. Things like loose paper on desktops, Clothing when used on your Legs in a mobile situation and other things like that. Most NB's air intake in on the bottom of the NB and susceptible to blockage unless you carefully prevent this happening.

These Cool Pads also suck air between the NB and Cool Pad with the faster air being moved through the Cool Pad and that takes the bigger bits of Air Borne Crud along away from the Internal NB Airways and CPU Heat Sink. Under less than Ideal conditions the CPU Heat Sinks get blocked at least partially or completely and allow the CPU to overheat and then the NB's Protection Circuity kicks in shutting the system down to prevent damage.

All Computers have a problem with Heat and the more mobile you make one of these things the more likely it is to suffer for Overheating problems.


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Plug it in?

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Acer Travelmate 2493 keep ...

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