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AcerView 54E 15" Monitor

By Ronald.Taylor3 ·
Can You Help Me Please: Each time I turn of my PC the monitor power light flashes amber (sleep mode)
and when I turn on my PC I have to physically turn off the monitor power switch and then back on in order to view the screen.I am running windows 98 and the correct monitor drivers are installed and the power saving functions on the PC are set correctly.This monitor was purchased early 99 and has been doing this from day one. I am just a rookie and self taught and would like to be able to view the screen when I boot up.Thank you. Joan Frances

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AcerView 54E 15" Monitor

by TheChas In reply to AcerView 54E 15" Monitor

I would suspect a bad monitor.

If the monitor never turns of for the POST test on the computer, it is the most likely cause. Especially since the monitor functions after being hard booted.

Check the settings on the monitor itself. Perhaps ithas some sort of extended power down mode enabled.

Try a different monitor on the system. If this monitor works normally, then you know it is a problem with the Acer monitor.

The only thing I can think of to check is the monitor cable tot he PC. Their normally are some pins missing. You are looking for a broken pin, or the cable not seated into the video card connector.


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