Acess Denied

By dhamilt01 ·
Want to use Windows Explorer to access shared folders on one Vista computer with fle permissions=everyone and full control and User=Alice (Administrator) from another Vista computer with User=Bill (Standard User). I know User ID and password for Alice but it pops up "Acess Denied" instead of a login box to allow entry of User ID and password. Do NOT want to setup a new User=Bill on other computer.

If I know a valid User ID and password on a computer, and I setup that User ID (Alice) and "everyone" with full control of folders to be accessed, why doesn't it pop up a login box when I try to access the folders on Alice's PC from Bill's PC?


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Everyone = everyone including the guy next door

by CG IT In reply to Acess Denied

and his pet dog.

If your all under the same workgroup or home network, with public file sharing and network discovery on, everyone literally means everyone.

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Vista Security

by dhamilt01 In reply to Everyone = everyone inclu ...

Yes ... I fully understand everyone means EVERYONE!

But Vista is so God damn hairy about security, unless you are a security/network guru, you are FORCED to use EVERYONE just so the computer in the next room can SEE & ACCESS your computer. Setting up Users, permissions, NTFS security, sharing etc. is super complex in Vista thus virtually impossible. Default File Sharing did NOT work when Vista was installed. Giving access to EVERYONE was the only thing that worked for sharing our folders. Public folder(s) are NOT an option, hackers look there first. When not using our computers we turn them off.

I just want to duplicate what worked for File Sharing in Windows XP but doesn't in Vista.

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home network or workgroup

by CG IT In reply to Vista Security

Vista works virtually the same as XP for file sharing, they just have this wizard that makes it different.

If you join both to the same workgroup[not the default workgroup] then share the resources, assign permissions to users or a group of users, this works about like XP did.

The big different is the default public folder sharing which is my documents, my music and some other whatnot.

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Home Networking

by dhamilt01 In reply to home network or workgroup

Thanks CG.

Unfortunately, this did NOT work on my new Vista systems. No matter how I setup the folders, users and permissions, "Access Denied" is all I get. I get NO popup dialog box asking for a valid User ID and password. In XP, I DID get that dialog box and could enter the Administrators ID and password for the system Iwas accessing and it allowed the non-sdministrative user on my PC to see and access shared folders on the other system. Using EVERYONE at least allows me access.

How do I get Vista to do what my old XP systems did?


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When I mentioned home network Windows 7 has this wizard

by CG IT In reply to Home Networking

for sharing stuff on a home network. It shares out public folders like my documents, my music and supposedly you don't have to join workgroups and the lot. While your running Vista, 7 is really close on how all this works.

Is network discovery, file/folder sharing enabled in Network and Sharing Center ?[not public folder sharing] and are the network connections private? [public networks block most stuff and this is one of the peeves I have with Network and Sharing Center. If your connections are listed as public, change em to private. ]

These wizards do a lot like configuring the firewall automatically and Windows Firewall with Enhanced Security can be a pain...

What I've done is join the comps to the same workgroup [requires reboot], enable network discovery, and file and folder sharing. Share out the folder and assign permissions making sure that user accounts that will access the shares are on every comp.

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Tried all that

by dhamilt01 In reply to When I mentioned home net ...

Agree with you and tried all that.

Maybe a different look at the problem is in order.

1. Computer A has one user only - Alice (Administrator).
2. Computer B has one Standard User - Bill and a locked, unused Adminstrative user (default Adminstrator when system first started).
3. Both computers have Everyone with full-control - both users can see and access folders on other computer.
4. WITHOUT Everyone - Alice can see Bills folders BUT cannot access them.
5. Bill CANNOT see or access anything on Alice's computer.
6. I do NOT want to setup Bill on Alice's computer to allow him to access folders on it. When Bill clicks on Alice's computer in Networking, I want a login dialog box to pop up so Bill can enter Alice's ID and password that will allow Bill to see and access shared folders on Alice's computer. This it how it worked for me in Windows XP. Vista won't pop up the login box ... it just "Denied Access".

This problem caused such headaches for Microsoft, they had to go back to the drawing board and build Windows 7 to undo all the **** in Vista causing all the problems.

I an NOT paying twice for an OS that should have worked in the first place. Windows Me all over again and we get stiffed!

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how do users log on to the machines?

by CG IT In reply to Tried all that

If you don't require logon, try setting the machines to require logon. This should require a logon prompt for everything anyone does that isn't a local machine user.

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Login Turned On

by dhamilt01 In reply to Acess Denied


Login is turned on on ALL PCS.

As an aside, I once tried the free version of Network Magic by Pure Networks. It ended up allowing all users to see and access shared folders on all PCs.

But ... it also screwed up Windows quite a bit because I think it hacks a lot of Microsoft DLLs to make the product work. So I removed it. No longer could see other PCs. Finally forced to format C: and clean install on ALL XP PCs. Vista still works but I'm still concerned what it did to the OS. Maybe this is why I need EVERYONE to be able to see other PCS.

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stumped along with you... almost tempted to break out ME

by CG IT In reply to Login Turned On

load it on a box and monkey around with it...

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Follow up just to let you know Jacky Howe found a solution

by CG IT In reply to Acess Denied

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