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    Acknowledge company policies during login


    by etrodg ·

    Our HR folks are interested in having employees acknowledge company policy changes and they would like the acknowledgement to tie into the login process. Basically they want to push the change and know that all have seen it. I am sure it is feasible and even saw a utility created for the NetWare envionment. Has anyone run across a utility or scipt that can be tied into the Windows login.
    I have a Win2k AD domain.

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      Group Policy Object

      by bfilmfan ·

      In reply to Acknowledge company policies during login

      There is indeed a place for that in the Default Domain Policy:

      Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Local Policies\Security Options\Interactive Logon: Message text for users attempting to logon:

      You can place your text in the box and the users will see this and have to click the OK button to then bring up a login screen.


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        Re: Group Policy Object

        by etrodg ·

        In reply to Group Policy Object

        Thanks, I forgot about the interactive log on message. I use that to display a warning on our VPN terminal server about ‘this is the property of… Unauthorized access is not permitted.’

        I guess I had the idea of having the login script fetch a program that opens the doc, an acknowledgement is made and they proceed on with the login procedure. Probably too much to ask for, but my thought is that others may have faced this sitation and someone wrote a shareware or some sort of utility for this purpose.
        I am going to try the simple approach and see if that is sufficient for their needs.
        Thanks much!

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      Somebody hasn’t been doing his homework

      by dc_guy ·

      In reply to Acknowledge company policies during login

      Nobody reads that stuff. Nobody.

      If you’re looking to connive people into signing something they haven’t read in their frustration to speed up the logon process, you’ve found it. But depending on what state you’re in you may discover that it’s not enforceable precisely because you have no reasonable expectation that anyone read it.

      When you log on, do you do anything besides search for the “continue” button and click it as quickly as you can?

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        Raison D’etre

        by pgm554 ·

        In reply to Somebody hasn’t been doing his homework

        Lawyers got to make somebody think that they are contibuting in some way,shape or form.
        I have conulted for insurance companies and mostly what lawyers get paid for is managing risk.
        So when you click yes,you take your chances…

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        Company can require people to read policy

        by stress junkie ·

        In reply to Somebody hasn’t been doing his homework

        I believe that your legal observation applies to on line consumer activities such as shopping or agreeing to a web site privacy policy. I believe that a corporation can tell its employees that part of their job is to read the logon message. Then if someone claims that they didn’t know about something that was announced at a time when that person logged on they cannot claim ignorance as a defense. I believe that as long as employees know that reading the policy statement displayed during their log in procedure is part of their job, and they are responsible for reading it as much as they are responsible for any other part of their job, then the policy is enforceable. That’s because businesses presumably have more control over their employees than they do over their customers.

        However it is important to note that I AM NOT A LAWYER. Therefore I am just taking out of my rear end. But so is everyone else, (DC_GUY), that shares their opinion of how the law applies to this situation.

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          if you use outlook this is easy

          by sikki ·

          In reply to Company can require people to read policy

          They can send the policy out in an email and put in voting buttons (like read, agree, would like to talk to someone), and then remind those who haven’t voted to do so. This way they would have a record of who read the policy. Also read receipts are a semi ok method, but don’t guarantee that the person actually read it, just that outlook marked it read.
          To me this would be preferable to having to sit there and read a policy before I login. When I and most people login to a machine it’s to get some work done and anything stopping that is just frustrating.
          Of course you would have to make a policy stating that it is required to read and acknowledge all policies and updates to such, and how that acknowledgement is made.

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      Use groupe policy ans enable there “Run these programs at user logon”

      by lukcad ·

      In reply to Acknowledge company policies during login

      Run gpedit.msc
      Select Administrative Templates\System\Logon\
      Select Run these programs at user logon
      Select enabled
      And put script or name programm you wish start when your users from groupe will do logon in computer.

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