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ACL - Which is IN, which is OUT??

By Bril ·
Am a little confused with what is IN and OUT when configuring ACL on CISCO routers.

So, let say RouterA has two interfaces: S0 and F0.

SO would be configured IP NAT OUTSIDE, and
F0 would be configured IP NAT INSIDE.

Then when the ACLs has been built, it should be bound to one of the interfaces.

So this is where I get confused.
When looking at traffic coming to the network through RouterA, which interface is IN?

Is it S0 on which traffic is initially received? Or should I look at it from the F0 interface, which lets the network traffic through into the internal network.

And which is OUT?
Is it F0 on which traffic is returned? Or should I look at it from the S0 interface, which lets the internal network traffic through to the external network.

Still confused....

Your help is appreciated...

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